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New in Chess magazine 2007/2

Engelstalig tijdschrift / 6 x per jaar / in losse verkoop

New in Chess magazine 2007/2 - Ten Geuzendam, Timman (EDT) - ISBN:
Prijs: € 7,95
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Mediatype: Tijdschrift
Genre: Tijdschriften
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In New in Chess magazine you can read about what has happened lately in the world of chess:

# Corus 2007: Aronian, Radjabov & Topalov
True, in 1989 there were even four, but for the first time in the rich history of the Corus tournament three players shared first prize. Aronian, Radjabov and Topalov all expresed their happiness about their victory, even though all three of them could have complained that they had missed an excellent chance to claim the trophy alone. In the wake of their conflict-ridden match in Elista, Topalov's encounter with Kramnik caused a veriteble media frenzy in Wijk aan Zee. In a chilly atmosphere (no handshake) their game only ended in a draw when 2 kings, a pawn and a knight were left. The World Champion played a solid tournament, remaining unbeaten and finishing half a point shy of the winners. An extensive report by D. J. ten Geuzendam with lots of fantastic analysis by the main protagonists.

# The winner's tale
''Until the thunder sounds, a peasant doesn't cross himself - I think that this Russian proverb gives a very true reflection of my play in this tournament. Only defeats forced me to mobilise all my strength for the subsequent battles. With four rounds to go I realised that only super-human efforts would give me chances in the fight for first place''. In a vivid blow-by-blow account Pavel Eljanov relates how he won the Corus B Group and earned the right to play in the top group next year.

# Pipped at the post
The Corus C Group followed a dramatic scenario that we have seen before in Wijk aan Zee. With the pluck and confidence of youth, 16-year-old Ian Nepomniachtchi beat one opponent after another, spilling only ½ a point from the first 8 games. No one doubted that the Russian promise was steering for undisputed first place. No one? An impression by the ultimate winner, Michal Krasenkow.

# Close race in Gibraltar
The 5th Gibtelecom Masters Tournament saw Akopian deservingly earn the 10.000 pounds first prize. Right behind him with 7 points were Areschenko, Sutovsky and Nakamura each taking home slightly more than 4.000 pounds. 13 players shared 6½ points, including top seed Mickey Adams, earning 550 pounds each. Spraggett was our man on the spot.

# The buried bishop
Efstratios Grivas discusses an unusual strategic theme.

# Rowson's review
Jonathan Rowson muses about a few opening books while ''reflecting on the causes of a modern malaise called opening theory addiction''.

# In praise of the KID
The small band of King's Indian devotees rejoiced when Radjabov made a near-perfect score with this opening in the Corus tournament. Hans Ree is happy to join him.

# Brilliant innovator
Jan Timman pays tribute to the unique creativity of the late David Bronstein.

# Old openings, new horizons
''A few rounds into this year's Corus event nearly convinced me the players were trying to tempt me into a return to the board''! Garry kasparov tells you why.

# Just checking
Does Pavel Eljanov have a dream?


Titel: New in Chess magazine 2007/2
auteur: Ten Geuzendam, Timman (EDT)
Mediatype: Tijdschrift
Bindwijze: Paperback
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 98
Uitgever: Interchess
NUR: Tijdschriften
Editor: Geuzendam, Dirk Jan ten
ISBN/ISBN13: F 3868
Intern nummer: 650280


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