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4/2012 Chess Magazine

4/2012 Chess Magazine - ISBN: 2000000021645
Prijs: € 8,00
Levertijd: 1 tot 3 werkdagen
Mediatype: Tijdschrift (01-07-2012)
Genre: Tijdschriften
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Editorial, Malcolm Pein and John Saunders on the latest developments ø World Championship: Anand-Gelfand, GM Jacob Aagaard was in Moscow to follow the action for CHESS Magazine and complete our coverage. his annotations, observations and opinions are unmissable! ø Interview: Boris Gelfand, Aagaard also took the opportunity to interview Gelfand after the match. Surprisingly upbeat - and very revealing ø Tal Memorial, Moscow, Magnus Carlsen won this strong and prestigious event but we concentrate on Luke McShane and three humdingers which he won, together with some of his comments ø The Black Lion tamed, David Moskovic faces up to the Black lion Defence - but he still lives to tell the tale ø One book's story, this poignant and original tale of a chess book by Roland Kensdale won the Yorkshire Chess Association's article competition ø How good is your prophylaxis? A test with a differnce: Spanish GM Jesus de la Villa tests how good your chessboard prophylactic skills are ø Positional exercises, GM Jacob Aagaard tests your positional chess IQ ø Gettin' tricky with it, lie back on the couch of expert ''psycho-trickerist'' Peter Lalic while he shows you some of his cleverest tricks ø Forthcoming events, tournaments to play in - and tournaments to watch ø Ugly chess, ''if it looks wrong - it probably is''. So says IM Angus Dunnington as he encourages us to go with our gut instinctsø Find the wwinning moves, three pages of tactical teasers from recent tournament games ø
This and much more in the July 2012 issue of CHESS Magazine!


Titel: 4/2012 Chess Magazine
Mediatype: Tijdschrift
Bindwijze: Geniet
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 60
Uitgever: Chess & Bridge Ltd.
Publicatiedatum: 2012-07
NUR: Tijdschriften
ISBN/ISBN13: 2000000021645
Intern nummer: 23572886


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