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An Eye for an Eye

Chronicles of an Obsession

An Eye for an Eye - A. Venger - ISBN: 9781947940130
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Mediatype: Downloadbaar audio bestand (25-01-2018)
Genre: Biografieën literaire auteurs
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In the early 2000's a memoir titled An Eye for an Eye, Chronicles of an Obsession was found in a safe in Tel Aviv, Israel. The safe belonged to A.Venger (a pseudonym).

Not long before his death A. Venger told one of his sons that he was A.Venger who wrote the memoir. In it, he confessed to having committed a murder. He assured his son that everything in the book actually happened. After World War II, some thirty years later, when Avenger lived in Israel, A. Venger returned to his native Germany on business. As an adult back in Germany, he serendipitously crossed paths with the policeman responsible for deporting his family to concentration camp Auschwitz, which resulted in their death. A. Venger's troubled past turned into an obsession that lead him on a path of revenge.

Meticulously planned, he took justice into his own hands. Getting away with it, he committed the perfect murder. Today, three generations later, the impact and aftermath of World War II are still very much alive. A. Venger's family members are still divided over the truth of his memoir. This super-paced short story takes place after World War II and the Holocaust, when the author (A. Venger, an alias) comes eye to eye with the man responsible for his parents’ death in concentration camp Sobibor.

In this autobiographical drama a score is settled. What's better, revenge or no justice at all? You be the judge!


Titel: An Eye for an Eye
auteur: A. Venger
Mediatype: Downloadbaar audio bestand
Taal: Engels
Publicatiedatum: 25-01-2018
NUR: Biografieën literaire auteurs
ISBN/ISBN13: 9781947940130
Intern nummer: 41176903