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Texas Holdem

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No-limit Texas Hold 'em - Largay, Angel - ISBN: 9781550227420
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No-limit Texas Hold 'em

A Complete Course

Largay, Angel

(Engels )

Levertijd: 5 tot 15 werkdagen
Prijs: € 26,95
Genre: Texas Holdem
A high-stakes poker expert presents his professional classroom-course in writing Poker enthusiasts of all skill levels can learn how to improve their play by following the strategies and techniques of renowned poker educator Angel Largay—one of the world’s most consistent winners in maximum buy... Lees verder
Texas Hold'em Poker: Win Online - Mendelson, Paul - ISBN: 9780716021865
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Texas Hold'em Poker: Win Online

Win Online

Mendelson, Paul

(Engels )

Levertijd: 3 tot 4 werkdagen
Prijs: € 8,95
Genre: Texas Holdem
Enables readers to find out how to: select the best poker sites for their standard; analyse their opponents and their games; adapt their game to combat the styles of play they meet; counter the costly dangers of 'tilt' and temperament; and manage their bankroll and build it into serious money. Lees verder
Professional No-Limit Hold 'em - Flynn, Matt/ Mehta, Sunny/ Miller, Ed - ISBN: 9781880685402
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Professional No-Limit Hold 'em

Flynn, Matt/ Mehta, Sunny/ Miller, Ed

(Engels , Paperback, 20-07-2007)

Levertijd: 5 tot 15 werkdagen
Prijs: € 31,95
Genre: Texas Holdem
No-limit hold 'em was once only a tournament game. Cash games were rarely spread in conventional poker rooms, let alone the Internet. All of that changed when the game exploded on television. No-limit cash games started sprouting up at casinos of all types. No-limit hold 'em is now the most popul... Lees verder
Small Stakes Hold 'em - Miller, Ed/ Sklansky, David/ Malmuth, Mason - ISBN: 9781880685327
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Small Stakes Hold 'em

Winning Big With Expert Play

Miller, Ed/ Sklansky, David/ Malmuth, Mason

(Engels , Paperback, 31-07-2004)

Levertijd: 5 tot 15 werkdagen
Prijs: € 26,95
Genre: Texas Holdem
or today's poker players, Texas hold 'em is the game. Every day, tens of thousands of small stakes hold 'em games are played all over the world in homes, card rooms, and on the Internet. These games can be very profitable -- if you play well. But most people don't play well and end up leaving their ... Lees verder
Limit Hold'em - Borer, Terry/ Mak, Lawrence/ Tannenbaum, Barry - ISBN: 9781904468370
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Limit Hold'em

Winning Short-Handed Strategies

Borer, Terry/ Mak, Lawrence/ Tannenbaum, Barry

(Engels , Paperback, 01-09-2007)

Levertijd: 5 tot 15 werkdagen
Prijs: € 27,95
Genre: Texas Holdem
VERWACHT IN MEI 2007 Full ring limit hold'em games (featuring 9 or 10 players) can be frustrating for the skilled player. You don’t get to play many hands, you don't always get opportunities to exploit weak play and, facing many opponents, your good hands often don’t stand up. What's the solut... Lees verder
Poker Unlimited - Jaap Peters; J. Peters; M. de Haen - ISBN: 9789081082129
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Poker Unlimited

handboek No Limit Hold'em

Jaap Peters; J. Peters; M. de Haen

(Nederlands, Paperback, 16-05-2020)

Levertijd: maandag voor 23:00 besteld, dinsdag bij u thuisbezorgd
Prijs: € 14,95
Genre: Texas Holdem
Poker is hard bezig Nederland te veroveren. Er zijn verschillende pokervarianten, maar het is vooral No Limit Texas Hold'em dat tot de verbeelding spreekt. Als er poker op televisie wordt uitgezonden is dat vrijwel altijd No Limit Hold'em en ook tijdens de World Series of Poker Main Event wordt er N... Lees verder
No Limit Hold 'em - Sklansky, David/ Miller, Ed - ISBN: 9781880685372
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No Limit Hold 'em

Theory And Practice

Sklansky, David/ Miller, Ed

(Engels , Paperback, 30-05-2006)

Levertijd: 5 tot 15 werkdagen
Prijs: € 31,95
Genre: Texas Holdem
Presents advice on how to adapt different strategies and multiple levls of thinking in order to win at no-limit poker, with discussions on playing draws, position strength, and implied odds. The definitive text on this exciting game. Taking a theoretical approach, it covers critical concepts like m... Lees verder
Killer Poker - Vorhaus, John - ISBN: 9780818406300
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Killer Poker

Strategy and Tactics for Winning Poker Play

Vorhaus, John

(Engels , Paperback, 01-11-2002)

Beschikbaar: Tijdelijk niet leverbaar
Prijs: € 16,95 (onder voorbehoud)
Genre: Texas Holdem
Here it is: Everything you always wanted to know about dominating the game, crushing the competition, and building a bad-ass reputation—with outrageous tactics from a renegade poker master! Sure, you could be a good, effective poker player. That’s fine. Or you can be a great poker player, an ani... Lees verder
Winning Low-limit Hold'em - Jones, Lee - ISBN: 9781886070233
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Winning Low-limit Hold'em

3rd Edition

Jones, Lee

(Engels , Paperback)

Beschikbaar: Printing on demand
Prijs: € 25,55 (onder voorbehoud)
Genre: Texas Holdem
KLASSIEKER: AANBEVOLEN DOOR VAN STOCKUM Now in it's 3rd Edition! For the last ten years, Winning Low Limit Hold'em has been the reference standard introduction to Texas Hold'em. Experienced hold'em players give this book to their friends who want to learn the game. Recently updated and expanded t... Lees verder
How Good Is Your Pot Limit Hold'em? - Reuben, Stewart - ISBN: 9781904468080
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How Good Is Your Pot Limit Hold'em?

Reuben, Stewart

(Engels )

Levertijd: 12 tot 15 werkdagen
Prijs: € 16,65
Genre: Texas Holdem
'Pot Limit Hold'em' is a big bet poker variant which has increased hugely in popularity on both sides of the Atlantic over the last 20 years. Written by a poker expert, the material in this book is presented in a 'test yourself' format which simulates live action play. Lees verder
The Complete Book Of Hold 'Em Poker - Carson, Gary - ISBN: 9780818406058
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The Complete Book Of Hold 'Em Poker

A Comprehensive Guide to Playing and Winning

Carson, Gary

(Engels , Paperback, 01-05-2001)

Levertijd: 5 tot 15 werkdagen
Prijs: € 16,95
Genre: Texas Holdem
Whether you're a novice player or a seasoned veteran, The Complete Book of Hold 'Em Poker can help improve your game. Valuable advice covers what to expect on a first visit to a card game; how to select the right table; how to adjust to changes in table conditions; and how to evaluate a pre-flop han... Lees verder