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Instant Recall Spanish

Instant Recall Spanish - Gruneberg, Michael M. - ISBN: 9780071637206
Prijs: € 27,15
Levertijd: 6 tot 8 werkdagen
Mediatype: Audio/CD's (19-10-2009)
Genre: Onderwijs
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Learn and remember Spanish words

“A simple new way to increase your foreign-language vocabulary . . .”
Nada El Sawy, Newsweek

Developed by memory expert Dr. Michael M. Gruneberg, Instant Recall Spanish offers a proven method to help you build vocabulary and learn basic grammar instantly. All you need to do is listen, picture mental images, and then respond to the tests.

For example: The Spanish for soup issopa. Imagine a soup that tastes like soap; then keep this picture in your mind for about 10 seconds, until the next word is presented. After a set if 8 to10 words, you are tested on whatyou have learned. Within 10 to 12 hours, you will have a solid foundation of vocabulary and grammar to communicate confidently.


Titel: Instant Recall Spanish
auteur: Gruneberg, Michael M.
Mediatype: Audio/CD's
Bindwijze: CD-ROM
Taal: Spaans
Uitgever: McGraw-Hill
Plaats van publicatie: 01
Publicatiedatum: 19-10-2009
NUR: Onderwijs
Afmetingen: 190 x 133 x 19
Gewicht: 113 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780071637206
Intern nummer: 11774683

Biografie (woord)

Michael Gruneberg, Ph.D., is an internationally respected respected authority and author on memory enhancement. He is the past president of the International Learned Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition.


For Each Language
1 Animals
2 Home, Furniture, Colors
3 Clothes, Family Words
4 In the Country, Time Words
5 In a restaurant, Numbers, Telling Time
6 Food and Drink
7 Shopping and Business Words
8 Traveling, The Car
9 Leisure Activities
10 At the Doctor's, Emergency Words, Useful Words


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