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Market Wizards, Audio-CD

Inverview with Michael Steinhardt, The Concept of Variant Perception, Lesung

Market Wizards, Audio-CD - Schwager, Jack D. - ISBN: 9781592802807
Prijs: € 15,95
Levertijd: 4 tot 6 werkdagen
Mediatype: Audio/CD's (19-06-2006)
Genre: Beleggen
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How do some of the world s most successful traders amass millions of dollars in a year... or sometimes in just hours? Are they masters of a priceless wizardry or simply the very lucky winners in a random market lottery that allows only a few players to become fantastically wealthy? What are the secrets of their unheard–of success?

Market expert Jack D. Schwager interviews top traders in a variety of markets and determines that an interesting mix of method and mental posture is largely responsible, and presents Market Wizards in a way that allows the listener a glimpse into the minds of these most remarkable traders. Understand what it takes to succeed, and hear it in the words of the Market Wizards themselves.

This interview CD 6 of 12 contains a discussion with Michael Steinhardt.


Titel: Market Wizards, Audio-CD
auteur: Schwager, Jack D.
Mediatype: Audio/CD's
Taal: Engels
Uitgever: Wiley & Sons
Publicatiedatum: 2006-06-19
NUR: Beleggen
Afmetingen: 250 x 150 x 15
Gewicht: 666 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9781592802807
Intern nummer: 9901749

Biografie (woord)

Jack D. Schwager is Director of Futures Research and Trading at Prudential Securities. He formerly held similar positions at Paine Webber and Smith Barney, with a total of twenty–two years′ experience heading up futures research departments. He is also a Commodity Trading Advisor and one of the coprincipals of Wizard Trading.

Mr. Schwager is the author of the highly regarded A Complete Guide to the Futures Markets, and the Schwager on Futures series that includes the titles Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis, all published by Wiley. His writing has appeared in many publications, including the Handbook of Futures Markets, The New York Times, and Forbes. Much in demand as a speaker, he has lectured on a range of analytical topics, with a particular focus on great traders, technical analysis, and trading system evaluation.


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