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The Power of the Light over modern Quantum Physics

A new Boundary Breaking Theory in Quantum Physics

The Power of the Light over modern Quantum Physics - Wim  Vegt - ISBN: 9789402177701
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Mediatype: E-book (20-06-2018)
Genre: Natuurkunde algemeen
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The famous 1927 Solvay Conference was considered a turning point in the world of Physics. The scientific realists like Albert Einstein had lost and the instrumentalists like Niels Bohr had won the fundamental conflict. Since then Physics has followed the path of the instrumentalists in which Quantum Physics has been determined by the concept of Elementary Particles and Probability Waves. Until May 2013, when for the first time a photo had been made of the Probability Waves Inside the Hydrogen Atom . It should be impossible to make a photo of a non-existing complex probability wave with mass zero But the fact could not be denied anymore that scientists had succeeded to make the “complex” and the “non-existing” quantum mechanical “Probability Wave” visible. New discoveries like “Photonic Molecules” and “Photon-Photon Interaction” require a new interpretation of the Copenhagen Interpretation . Since the Copenhagen Interpretation there is still no clarity about the physical interpretation of the Quantum Mechanical “Probability Wave Function” This Manuscript describes a third unknown interpretation of the Quantum Mechanical “Probability Wave Function”. A fundamental physi


Titel: The Power of the Light over modern Quantum Physics
auteur: Wim Vegt
Mediatype: E-book
Taal: Engels
Druk: 1
Aantal pagina's: 44
Uitgever: Brave New Books
Publicatiedatum: 2018-06-20
NUR: Natuurkunde algemeen
ISBN/ISBN13: 9789402177701
Intern nummer: 42620845