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EDN Series for Design Engineers, Analog Circuit Design

Art, Science and Personalities

EDN Series for Design Engineers, Analog Circuit Design - ISBN: 9780080499079
Prijs: € 62,85 (onder voorbehoud)
Beschikbaarheid: Levertijd tussen de 5 en 15 werkdagen. Geen retour recht.
Mediatype: E-book (22-10-2013)
Genre: Techniek
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This book is far more than just another tutorial or reference guide - it's a tour through the world of analog design, combining theory and applications with the philosophies behind the design process. Readers will learn how leading analog circuit designers approach problems and how they think about solutions to those problems. They'll also learn about the `analog way' - a broad, flexible method of thinking about analog design tasks.

A comprehensive and useful guide to analog theory and applications.
Covers visualizing the operation of analog circuits.
Looks at how to rapidly determine workable approximations of analog circuit parameters.


Titel: EDN Series for Design Engineers, Analog Circuit Design
Mediatype: E-book
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 400
Uitgever: Elsevier Science
Publicatiedatum: 2013-10-22
NUR: Techniek
Afmetingen: 246 x 189
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780080499079
Intern nummer: 31247845


`If you do any analog circuits design, buy this book! The well-indexed volume contains much useful information' EDN Magazine
* `This excellent book (contains) twenty four of the best known names in analogue design (and) represents a source of wisdom rather than a traditional reference book. The lighthearted short story format of the book makes it very readable.' New Electronics Magazine
'The book provides a wealth of practical working circuits together with anecdotes from each author's experience.' - Electronics (The Maplin Magazine), May 1996