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Soil Mechanics

Soil Mechanics - A.  Verruijt - ISBN: 9789065621634
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Mediatype: E-book (31-10-2009)
Genre: Civiele techniek
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Soil Mechanics
This book - a translation and update of the Durch version - is part of the
introductory course of Soil Mechanics in the Department of Civil Engineering
of the Delft University of Technology. It contains an introduction into the major
principles and methods of soil mechanics, such as the analysis of stresses,
deformations, and stability. The most important methods of determining soil
parameters, in the laboratory and in situ, are also described. Some basic
principles of applied mechanics that are frequently used are presented in
Appendices. The subdivision into chapters is such that one chapter can be
treated in a single lecture of 45 minutes, approximately.
Part I Introduction 1 Introduction
Part II Soil and stresses 2 Classification 3 Soil exploration 4 Particles,
water, air 5 Stresses in soils 6 Stresses in a layer
Part III Groundwater and flow 7 The law of Darcy 8 Permeability 9
Groundwater flow 10 Floatation 11 Flow net 12 Flow towards well
Part IV Stiffness and settlement 13 Stress-strain relations 14 Tangentmoduli
15 One-dimensional compression 16 Consolidation 17 Analytical
solution 18 Numerical solution 19 Consolidation coefficient 20 Secular
effect (creep)
Part V Strength and tests 21 Shear strength 22 Triaxial test 23 Dutch
cell test 24 Shear test 25 Pore pressures 26 Undrained behaviour
27 Stress paths
Part VI Stress distributions 28 Elastic stresses and deformations 29
Boussinesq 30 Newmark 31 Flamant 32 Deformation of layered soil
33 Lateral stresses in soils 34 Rankine 35 Coulomb 36 Tables for
lateral earth pressure 37 Sheet pile walls 38 Blum's method 39 Sheet
pile wall in layered soil
Part VII Shallow and pile foundations 40 Limit analysis 41 Strip footing
42 Prandtl's solution 43 Brinch Hansen 44 Pile foundations
Part VIII Slope and stability 45 Vertical slope in cohesive material 46
Stability of infinite slope 47 Slope stability
Part IX Appendices A Stress analysis B Theory of elasticity C Theory
of plasticity D Model tests
Answers to problems Literature Index

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Titel: Soil Mechanics
auteur: A. Verruijt
Mediatype: E-book
Taal: Engels
Druk: 1
Aantal pagina's: xii, 362
Uitgever: VSSD
Publicatiedatum: 2009-10-31
NUR: Civiele techniek
ISBN/ISBN13: 9789065621634
Intern nummer: 12987205