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Thirty Days

Thirty Days - Annelies  Verbeke - ISBN: 9789462380707
Prijs: € 9,99 (onder voorbehoud)
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Mediatype: E-book (18-08-2016)
Genre: Vertaalde literaire roman, novelle
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Alphonse, funny, observant, and imaginative, is a former musician who has left Brussels with his girlfriend Cat to live near her parents in the buttoned-up rural district of Westhoek. It has open fields, wide low skies, more World War I graves than almost anywhere else in Europe—and one of the highest suicide rates in the Western world. Alphonse starts a new life as a handyman. As he paints and decorates the interior of people's homes he gets to know their complex emotional lives—their affairs, familty disturbances, messy divorces, everyday cruelties, and unexpected dreams. But when he, Cat, and a client help a group of Afghans and Syrians at a makeshift refugee camp, he learns that not all locals appreciate their work … Humorous, melancholy, and wise, this is a deeply moving story about love, outsiders, and the need to belong.


Titel: Thirty Days
auteur: Annelies Verbeke
Mediatype: E-book
Taal: Engels
Druk: 1
Uitgever: World Editions International
Publicatiedatum: 2016-08-18
NUR: Vertaalde literaire roman, novelle
ISBN/ISBN13: 9789462380707
Intern nummer: 33763955