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Unlock your powers

Sisterbonds - Alex  V. Knights - ISBN: 9789402190946
Prijs: € 5,00
Levertijd: Direct. E-book, digitale levering, ePub.   (Hoe werkt dit?)
Mediatype: E-book (23-04-2019)
Genre: Fantasy
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This bundle of ordinairy paper holds more than it can handle. In fact, it tells the story of two young women who are gifted with extraordinary natural powers and must learn to control them, in order to stand up to the creature that is lurking to take it away from them. Appart from glorious battles and never ending training sessions, we read about the personal lives of our main characters and live the actions through their eyes as they develop life lasting memories and relationships.


Titel: Sisterbonds
auteur: Alex V. Knights
Mediatype: E-book
Taal: Engels
Druk: 1
Uitgever: Brave New Books
Publicatiedatum: 2019-04-23
NUR: Fantasy
ISBN/ISBN13: 9789402190946
Intern nummer: 44684368