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From civilians to soldiers and from soldiers to civilians - Saskia  Baas - ISBN: 9789048516483
Modes of Migration Regulation and Control in Europe - ISBN: 9789048520619

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Multicultural Governance In A Mobile World - Triandafyllidou, Anna - ISBN: 9781474428231
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Multicultural Governance In A Mobile World

Triandafyllidou, Anna

(Engels , E-book)

Levertijd: 3 tot 4 werkdagen
Prijs: € 107,10
Genre: Algemene sociale wetenschappen
Through Both Theoretical Contributions And Empirically-orientated Analyses, This Book Provides Insights Into How Theories And Practices Of Multicultural Citizenship And Migrant Integration Are Adapting And Might Adapt To The New, More Dynamic But Also More Fluid Patterns Of International Migration A... Lees verder
Public administration as a study of the public sphere - Arthur  Ringeling - ISBN: 9789462747258

Public administration as a study of the public sphere

a normative view

Arthur Ringeling

(Engels , E-book, 18-10-2017)

Beschikbaar: Uitverkocht
Prijs: € 49,00 (onder voorbehoud)
Genre: Algemene sociale wetenschappen
From its modern start onwards, the field of Public Administration has been practice-oriented. Its normative position has had consequences for the choice of the themes studied and the recommendations given. Reforms have often been defended as universal truths or global trends, irrespective of public ... Lees verder
Cross-border evidence gathering - Marloes van Wijk - ISBN: 9789462747395

Cross-border evidence gathering

equality of arms within the EU?

Marloes van Wijk

(Engels , E-book, 26-07-2017)

Beschikbaar: Uitverkocht
Prijs: € 59,00 (onder voorbehoud)
Genre: Algemene sociale wetenschappen
In order to develop an Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, the European Union is adopting measures to enhance international cooperation in criminal matters among the police and judicial authorities of its Member States. The adopted instruments concerning evidentiary matters, such as the gathering... Lees verder
Disentangling an invisible trade - Tessa  Verhallen - ISBN: 9789462743441

Disentangling an invisible trade

state interventions in Dutch and Dutch-Curaçaoan single-mother families

Tessa Verhallen

(Engels , E-book, 13-08-2015)

Beschikbaar: Uitverkocht
Prijs: € 31,00 (onder voorbehoud)
Genre: Algemene sociale wetenschappen
This book sheds light on the interactional and institutional processes through which child welfare and child protection practices are delivered to fifteen Dutch and fifteen Dutch-Curaçaoan single-mother families with multiple problems in the Netherlands in order to assess structures of power, domina... Lees verder
Doing Research - Nel  Verhoeven - ISBN: 9789460944192

Doing Research

the hows and whys of applied research

Nel Verhoeven

(Engels , E-book, 14-11-2011)

Beschikbaar: Uitverkocht
Prijs: € 26,00 (onder voorbehoud)
Genre: Algemene sociale wetenschappen
Doing Research is an introduction to research methods and statistics. It answers questions like: what does `doing research mean exactly, how do you set up a research project, which steps should you take, how do you collect data and what are the pitfalls? This book clarifies the complex process o... Lees verder