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Neuropsychology For Coaches

Understanding The Basics

Neuropsychology For Coaches - Brown, Paul - ISBN: 9780335245482
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Mediatype: E-book
Genre: Mens & Maatschappij
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"At long last, a rigorous book on neuropsychology that is both palatable and practically applicable for executive coaches. I like the way it develops an approach starting from the way the brain works rather than adding in information about the brain to the way the coach works. There has been so much demand for a relevant knowledge base around neuroscience, and I think that most coaches will find this book an invaluable source and aide memoire."
Dr Tara Swart, Neuroscientist, medical doctor and executive coach, Executive Performance Ltd.

Neuroscience is revolutionising coaching: it helps us understand the biological basis of our behaviour. This includes the behaviour of the coach and the client.

This practical and much needed book explains basic brain functioning and offers a guide to using this knowledge to advance our coaching and make our practice more effective. It builds extensively on the fact that we do now know that feelings underly all decision-making and focuses coaching on helping clients establish intelligent emotions as the basis of their own decision systems.

Using a systemic model of emotions, energy and change, Paul Brown and Virginia Brown show coaches how to integrate the client's life experience into coaching and create change. This is a must read for all practising coaches.


Titel: Neuropsychology For Coaches
auteur: Brown, Paul
Mediatype: E-book
Taal: Engels
Uitgever: McGraw-Hill Education
NUR: Mens & Maatschappij
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780335245482
Intern nummer: 23447029

Biografie (woord)

Paul Brown is a consulting clinical and organisational psychologist and Head of the Psychology and Applied Neuroscience Unit of the National Science Council within the Prime Minister's Office of Lao PDR. He was previously Visiting Professor in Organisational Neuroscience at London South Bank University, UK and Chair of the Association for Professional and Executive Coaching and Supervision (APECS).

Virginia Brown has been practising as an executive coach for over 10 years and has spent a number of years as a faculty member of the School of Coaching. Prior to coaching she worked at BT for 15 years in a variety of commercial roles.


Series editor's preface

Part 1: The Brain
Biographical beginnings: making sense (of the brain) of the person you coach
Relationships and regulation: the emotions that drive all performance
Oxytocin and other clever chemicals

Part 2: The Working Model for Coaching
Wondering: the basis for knowing and changing minds
Neurobehavioural modelling - NBM
Behavioural change that sticks

Part 3: Useful Techniques
Relationships that effect change and development
Affective interaction
Intelligent emotional growth
NBM revisited

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