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Clinical Supervision In The Medical Profession

Structured Reflective Practice

Clinical Supervision In The Medical Profession - Owen, David - ISBN: 9780335242948
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With a foreword by Iona Heath, President of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

This book helps trainee and practicing doctors to develop a broader understanding of supervision. Written by doctors and other medical specialists experienced in clinical supervision it gives the reader the means to enable, structure and develop their reflective practice. It provides practical tools to engage positively with regulatory challenges, increase satisfaction at work and improve quality of care.

Clinical Supervision in the Medical Profession considers the reasons for clinical supervision and how it can support doctors and even transform how they engage with challenging issues. The authors outline a range of ways that they have put clinical supervision into practice and how it has benefitted their work.

Christine Dunkley, Helen Halpern, Anita Houghton, Sue Morrison, David Owen, Patricia Ridsdale, Paul Sackin, John Salinsky, Robin Shohet, Maggie Stanton, Guy Undrill and Sonya Wallbank.


Titel: Clinical Supervision In The Medical Profession
auteur: Owen, David
Mediatype: E-book
Taal: Engels
Uitgever: McGraw-Hill Education
NUR: Mens & Maatschappij
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780335242948
Intern nummer: 23446966

Biografie (woord)

David Owen is Principal Clinical Teaching Fellow at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton, UK. He has integrated regular clinical supervision for over 15 years into his work as a family doctor. He facilitates and coaches groups, teams and individuals incorporating the tools of clinical supervision.

Robin Shohet has been running supervision courses through the Centre for Supervision and Team Development since 1979. He combines his work as a trainer with team coaching and culture change in organizations using Appreciative Inquiry.


Series Preface

Introduction to clinical supervision
Effective supervision: The evidence base
The supervisee's perspective
Narrative-based supervision
The five realms
Peer supervision
Incidental supervision
The Balint group as a form of supervision
Coaching for doctors
Supervision and wellbeing
Supervision skills to enhance appraisal
Listening to resistance