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Ticket to Ride

The last year of the Lötschberg

Ticket to Ride - ISBN: 9789997095558
Prijs: € 36,40
Levertijd: onbekend
Mediatype: DVD
Genre: Zwitserland
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TTR80 The last year of the old Lötschberg,
the first of the new............ The Lötschberg as we have known it for over 100 years will come to an end, but from its ashes will rise a new super railway UNDER the majestic Swiss Alps. In the meantime there is so much to remember from the old line along which we make a sentimental journey. We start at Spiez by the Thuner See and watch trains prepare for the arduous journey. Then we meander up the north ramp watching trains as we go. As far as Frutigen the changes to the route will be fairly minor, but here the new base tunnel begins. We inspect the site and have a look at the underground working before heading on to the Kanderviadukt. We get some splendid views from the ground and air, then onto the spiral complex at Felsenburg. We “drive” through the 14km tunnel to Goppenstein, use car and helicopter to find some unusual views of the structures that make the south ramp so memorable. We conclude at Brig with some stunning shots over the station and the Rhône valley. RT60


Titel: Ticket to Ride
Mediatype: DVD
Bindwijze: Gebonden
Taal: Engels
Uitgever: FHP Audio Visual
NUR: Zwitserland
ISBN/ISBN13: F95558
ISBN/ISBN13: 9789997095558
Intern nummer: 7653533


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 11-02-2007   geschreven door  P. Boes
60 minuten voor 36 Euro?
Dat moet een vergissing zijn!
Een goede prijs voor een DVD van een uur is ongeveer 20 Euro.


Dit product is op dit moment niet op voorraad in een van onze vestigingen.