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Green Screen Production Master Class

Learn By Video

Green Screen Production Master Class - Foster, Jeff - ISBN: 9780133902655
Prijs: € 46,95
Levertijd: 5 tot 15 werkdagen
Mediatype: DVD
Genre: Multimedia algemeen
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Master essential green screen skills! This focused workshop provides three hours of high-quality video training on shooting green screen and covers everything from setup to producing the shoot to compositing the footage. Author, trainer, and production/compositing expert Jeff Foster starts by introducing you to various concepts and explains how to create the right green screen scenario for your needs. Then, you’ll learn how to set up your background and talent, work with lighting and scopes, explore virtual sets, use helpful iPad apps, and composite the footage.

Duration: 2 HR 58 min
User Level: Beginning/Intermediate

1 Keying and Matte Extraction Overview

2 Green and Blue Screen Materials

3 Proper Lighting and Camera Setup

4 Planning the Shoot

5 Professional and DIY Lighting Setups

6 Software Options

7 Working with Virtual Sets

8 Compositing Footage

9 Fixing Problem Green Screen Shots

10 Designing the Corporate Green Screen Studio

11 Lighting and Measuring Tools on Portable Devices

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.6, Microsoft Windows XP, or higher
1 GHz processor or higher
2 GB RAM or higher
1 GB Free HD Space (does not include lesson files)

(Please note that this DVD can be viewed only on a computer. It will not work in DVD-Video player software or a DVD set-top player.


Titel: Green Screen Production Master Class
auteur: Foster, Jeff
Mediatype: DVD
Bindwijze: CD-ROM
Taal: Engels
Druk: 1
Aantal pagina's: 1
Uitgever: Pearson Education (us)
NUR: Multimedia algemeen
Afmetingen: 192 x 136 x 14
Gewicht: 80 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780133902655
Intern nummer: 27272383

Biografie (woord)

Jeff Foster is a published author of several computer technology, animation, and video production visual effects books, including the best-selling book The Green Screen Handbook. He has been an Adobe Certified Expert and has served as an instructor and featured speaker at conferences such as Photoshop World, Macworld, Adobe MAX, and NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Post-Production Conferences. Foster has been producing and providing training for traditional and digital images, illustration, photography, video production, motion graphics, and special effects for over 25 years. Some of his clients include: Tribune Broadcasting, Motorola, Stanford University Hospital, Nestlé, FOX Television, Spike TV, Discovery/TLC, Deluxe Digital, Universal Studios, Lions Gate Films, and Disney. He has also received several awards for his "Documercial" video productions and visual effects.


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