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Coastal Zone Management

Global Perspectives, Regional Processes, Local Issues

Coastal Zone Management - ISBN: 9780128143506
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Bindwijze: Boek, Paperback (21-11-2018)
Genre: Meteorologie en fysische oceanografie
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Coastal Zone Management: Global Perspectives, Regional Processes, Local Issues brings together a vast range ofinterdisciplinary data on coastal zones in a concise, yet exhaustive format that will be useful to students, researchers, and teachers. The book contains several focused sections, all of which include individual chapters written by subject experts with considerable experience in their fields of research. Each chapter presents the latest research and status of its focus, with a concluding endnote on future trends. Topics covered in the bookinclude the sea level and climate changes, evolution of coastlines, land-use dynamics and coastal hazards mitigation and management.

The global coast has faced the force of both climate hange and natural disasters, which continue to result in the loss of human life and degradation of quality of the coastal environment. Coastal Zone Management: Global Perspectives, Regional Processes, Local Issues provides the latest developments and key strategies to tackle this in a single comprehensive volume. It is an essential reference for scientists and researchers well-read on coastal zones, as well as those new to the subject.

  • Presents a unique compilation of contributed chapters, including a focus on methodology, case studies, stategy, and policy, acting as a one-source reference for students, teachers, researchers and administrators.
  • Discusses challenges at local levels in order to help interpret regional processes that have global ramifications.
  • Provides a database for scientists working on research topics related to coastal zone management.


Titel: Coastal Zone Management
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Paperback
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 568
Uitgever: Elsevier Science
Plaats van publicatie: 04
Publicatiedatum: 2018-11-21
NUR: Meteorologie en fysische oceanografie
Afmetingen: 262 x 192
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780128143506
Intern nummer: 42621585

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A compendium of current research on coastal zone management and the nexus between local issues and global solutions.


1. Coastal Zone Management During Changing Climate and Rising Sea Level: Transcendence of Institutional, Geographic, and Subject Field Barriers Is the Key

Part 1: Sealevel cycles and oceanography 2. Development of Ideas and New Trends in Modern Sea Level Research: The pre-Quaternary, Quaternary, Present and Future

Part 2: Shoreline and coastal changes 3. Typology and Mechanisms of Coastal Erosion in Siliciclastic Rocks of the Northwest Borneo Coastline (Sarawak, Malaysia): A Field Approach 4. Monitoring Spatial and Temporal Scales of Shoreline Changes in the Cuddalore Region, India 5. Shoreline Evolution Under the Influence of Oceanographic and Monsoon Dynamics: The Case of Terengganu, Malaysia 6. Spatial and Statistical Analyses of Clifftop Retreat in the Gulf ofMorbihan and Quiberon Peninsula, France: Implications on Cliff Evolution and Coastal Zone Management 7. Erosional Responses of Eastern and Western Coastal Regions of India, Under Global, Regional, and Local Scale Causes 8. Influences of Inherited Structures, and Longshore Hydrodynamics Over the Spatio-Temporal Coastal Dynamics Along the G^avres-Penthievre,South Brittany, France 9. Temporal Trends of Breaker Waves and Beach Morphodynamics Along the Central Tamil Nadu Coast, India

Part 3: Coastal hydrogeology 10. Assessing Coastal Aquifer to Seawater Intrusion: Application of the GALDIT Method to the Cuddalore Aquifer, India 11. An Assessment of the Administrative-Legal, Physical-Natural,and Socio-Economic Subsystems of the Bay of Saint Brieuc, France: Implications for Effective Coastal Zone Management

Part 4: Coastal Sediment Geochemistry 12. Geochemical Characterization of Beach Sediments of Miri, NW Borneo, SE Asia: Implications on Provenance, Weathering Intensity, and Assessment of Coastal Environmental Status 13. Multimarker Pollution Studies Along the East Coast of Southern India 14. Chromium Fractionation in the River Sediments and its Implicationson the Coastal Environment: A Case Study in the Cauvery Delta, Southeast Coast of India 15. Seasonal Variations of Groundwater Geochemistry in Coastal Aquifers, Pondicherry Region, South India 16. Anthropogenic Influence of Heavy Metal Pollution on the Southeast Coast of India

Part 5: Coastal Zone Management Concepts and Applications

17. Adaptation Strategies to Address Rising Water Tables in Coastal Environments Under Future Climate and Sea-Level Rise Scenarios 18. Analytic Hierarchy Process to Weigh Groundwater Management Criteria in Coastal Regions 19. Interlinking of Rivers as a Strategy to Mitigate Coeval Floodsand Droughts: India in Focus With Perspectives on Coastal Zone Management 20. Utility of Landsat Data for Assessing Mangrove Degradation in Muthupet Lagoon, South India 21. Recent Morphobathymetrical Changes of the Vilaine Estuary(South Brittany, France): Discrimination of Natural and Anthropogenic Forcings and Assessment for Future Trends 22. Impact of Seaweed Farming on Socio-Economic Development of a Fishing Community in Palk Bay, Southeast Coast of India 23. Habitat Risk Assessment Along Coastal Tamil Nadu, India An Integrated Methodology for Mitigating Coastal Hazards


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