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2nd International Multidisciplinary Microscopy And Microanalysis Congress

Proceedings Of Interm, October 16-19, 2014

2nd International Multidisciplinary Microscopy And Microanalysis Congress - Polychroniadis, E. K. (EDT)/ Oral, A. Y. (EDT)/ Ozer, M. (EDT) - ISBN: 9783319364407
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Bindwijze: Boek
Genre: Mechanica
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The 2nd International Multidisciplinary Microscopy And Microanalysis Congress & Exhibition (interm 2014) Was Held On 16-19 October 2014 In Oludeniz, Fethiye/ Mugla, Turkey. The Aim Of The Congress Was To Gather Scientists From Various Branches And Discuss The Latest Improvements In The Field Of Microscopy.


Titel: 2nd International Multidisciplinary Microscopy And Microanalysis Congress
auteur: Polychroniadis, E. K. (EDT)/ Oral, A. Y. (EDT)/ Ozer, M. (EDT)
Mediatype: Boek
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 262
Uitgever: Springer International Publishing Ag
Plaats van publicatie: CH
NUR: Mechanica
Afmetingen: 235 x 155
Gewicht: 4336 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9783319364407
Intern nummer: 36734255


Part 1: Applications of Microscopy in the Physical SciencesElectron Microscopy study of Thermoelectric (Bi x Sb 1-x ) 2 Te 3 thin film .-Structural characterization of layers for advanced non-volatile memories .- Advanced technology for Analytical Electron Microscopy by using Aberration corrected Transmission Electron .- TEM characterization of a complex twinning system in 3C- SiC.- Microstructural Evaluation of Suspension Thermally Sprayed WC-Co Nanocomposite Coatings .- Wavelength depended speckle correlation analyses of engineered metal surfaces .- Effect Of V 2 O 5 Additives To The Sintering Of Y 2 O 3 .- Integrating microscopic analysis into existing quality assurance processes .- Effect of annealing temperature on the structural and Magnetic Properties of Terbium Iron Garnet Thin Films Prepared by Sol-Gel Method .- Fibrous growth of chloride minerals on diatomite saturated with a brine .- Fractal characteristics of the pore network in diatomites using mercury porosimetry and image analysis .- Development of an off-axis digital holographic microscope for large scale measurement in fluid mechanics.- SEM-EDS observation of structure changes in synthetic zeolites modified for CO 2 capture needs .- SEM investigation of microstructures in hydration products of portland cement.- Some Properties of 1.3343 Steel Treated by Pulse Plasma Technique.- Investigation of Microstructure of Ceramics Produced from Gabbro and Zeolite Raw Materials .- The effect of MgO and MgO-Al 2 O 3 on zirconia produced by precipitation method .- Microstructural Investigation of IF Steels Joined by Metal Inert Gas Brazing .- An ESEM/EDX methodology for the study of additive adsorption at the polymer-air interface .- Enhanced Confocal Fluorescence Microscope performance using a differential pinhole.- Thermal neutron detection by entrapping 6 LiF nanodiamonds in siloxane scintillators .- High temperature reliability of Ta-based and TiW-based diffusion barriers .- The Direct Observation of Grain Refinement Mechanism in Advanced Multicomponent Gamma-TiAl Based Structural Intermetallics Doped with Boron .- Low Temperature Resistivity of the Rare Earth Diborides (Er, Ho, Tm)B 2 .- Influence of mechanical parameters on the friction and wear of sliding brass-steel Couple .- Measuring the degree of sensitization (DOS) using an electrochemical technique .- Substitution for Chromium and Nickel in Austenitic Stainless Steels .- Part 2: Applications of Microscopy in the Biological Sciences.- Ca, P and collagen fibrils period measurements in the vertebras of lordotic Sparus aurata .- Use of Bone marrow-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Improving Thioacetamide Induced Liver Fibrosis in Rats .- Electrochemical Detection of Nicotine using Cerium Nanoparticles Modified Carbon Paste Sensor and Anionic Surfactant .- Exploring the Antibiotic Effects in Bacterial Biofilms by Epifluorescence and Scanning Electron Microscopy .- Quantitative confocal microscopy analysis as a basis for search and study of potassium Kv1.x channel blockers .- Analysis of nucleosome transcription using single-particle FRET.


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