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Advanced Dairy Chemistry


Advanced Dairy Chemistry - Fox, P. F. (EDT)/ McSweeney, Paul (EDT) - ISBN: 9780306472718
Prijs: € 251,05
Levertijd: 4 tot 6 werkdagen
Bindwijze: Boek, Gebonden (01-12-2002)
Genre: Levensmiddelentechnologie
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Addresses the commercially important constituents of milk in terms of their roles in nutrition and as functional components in foods. This third edition includes topics such as an overview of the milk protein system, allergenicity of milk proteins, bioactive peptides, genetic engineering of milk proteins, and protein-rich dairy products.


Titel: Advanced Dairy Chemistry
auteur: Fox, P. F. (EDT)/ McSweeney, Paul (EDT)
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Gebonden
Taal: Engels
Druk: 3
Aantal pagina's: 1349
Uitgever: Plenum Pub Corp
Plaats van publicatie: 01
Publicatiedatum: 01-12-2002
NUR: Levensmiddelentechnologie
Editor: Fox, P.f.
Afmetingen: 228 x 165 x 95
Gewicht: 2585 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 0306472716
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780306472718
Intern nummer: 6382753
Volume: 1


"In all, the 2 volumes of Advanced Dairy Chemistry 1 - Proteins contain a total of 29 chapters written by leading academics in the field of dairy protein chemistry. It comprehensively covers virtually all aspects of dairy protein chemistry and is extremely well referenced, including many publications relating to developments within the field during the last 12 years. It is highly recommended for academics, students and those involved in industrial R&D, particularly Foods." (International Journal of Food Science & Technology, 40:5, 2005) ".... [reflects the] advances in the field of dairy proteins with a well balanced sequence of topics, from the molecular, nutritional and analytical aspects of protein chemistry to the more practical aspects of dairy proteins as ingredients and in dairy products. Advanced Dairy Chemistry is a valuable resource for researchers who wish to update themselves on current achievements in these fields." (Trends in Food Science & Technology, 15:5, 2004) "The books provide a valuable reference resource for researchers, extensive study material for students, necessary background for industrial technologists and a wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in milk proteins and dairy science."(Journal of Dairy Research, 70:1, 2003)


1. Milk proteins: general and historical aspects; P.F. Fox. 2. Quantitation of proteins in milk and milk products; L. Tremblay, M.F. Laporte, J. Leonil, D. Dupont, P. Paquin. 3. Chemitry of the caseins; H.E. Swaisgood. 4. Higher order structure of the caseins: a paradox? H.M. Farrell Jr., E.M. Brown, P.D. Hoagland, E.L. Malin. 5. Casein micelle structure, functions and interactions; C.G. de Kruif, C. Holt. 6. Non-bovine caseins: qualitative variability and molecular diversity; P. Martin, P. Ferranti, C. Leroux, F. Addeo. 7. beta-Lactoglobulin; L. Sawyer. 8. alpha-Lactalbumin; K. Brew. 9. Immunoglobins in mammary secretions; W.L. Hurley. 10. Lactoferrin; B. Lönnerdal. 11.1. Indigenous enzymes in milk; P.F. Fox. 11.2 Lipases in milk; T. Olivecrona, S. Vilaró, G. Olivecrona. 11.3 Indigenous proteinases in milk; A.L. Kelly, P.L.H. McSweeney. 11.4. Indigenous phosphatases in milk; S. Ur-Raman, C.M. Fleming, N.Y. Farkye, P.F. Fox. 11.5. Indigenous nucleases in milk; L. Stepaniak, C.M. Fleming, M. Gobbetti, A. Corsetti. 11.6. Lactoperoxidase; K. Pruitt. 11.7. Other enzymes; N.Y. Farkye. 12. Nutritional aspects of milk proteins; L. Hambroeus, B. Lönnerdal. 13. Allergenicity of milk proteins; S. Kaminogawa, M. Totsuka.14. Milk protein hydrolysates and bioactive peptides; R.J. FitzGerald, H. Meisel. 15. Biosynthesis of milk proteins; J.L. Vilotte, C.B.A. Whitelaw, M. Olliver-Bousquet, D.B. Shennan. 16. Genetic polymorphism of milk proteins; K.F. Ng-Kwai-Hang, F. Grosclaude. 17. Genetic engineering of milk proteins; J. Leaver, A.J.R. Law.18. Enzymatic coagulation of milk; D.B. Hyslop. 19. Hand-induced coagulation of milk; J.E. O'Connell, P.F. Fox. 20. Protein stability in sterilised milk and milk products; J.A. Nieuwenhuijsje, M.A.J.S. van Boekel. 21. Ethanol stability; D.S. Horne. 22. Acid coagulation of milk; J.A. Lucey, H. Singh. 23. Manufacture and properties of milk powders; A.L. Kelly, J.E. O'Connell, P.F. Fox. 24. Ice cream; H.D. Goff. 25. Role of protein in cheese and cheese products; T.P. Guinee.26. Functional milk proteins: production and utilization; D.M. Mulvihill, M.P. Ennis. 27. Interfacial, emulsifying and foaming properties of milk; E. Dickinson. 28. Thermal denaturation, aggregation and gelation of whey proteins; H. Singh, P. Havea. 29. Protein hydration and viscosity of dairy fluids; A.J. Carr, C.R. Southward, L.K. Creamer.


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