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Selfish Gene

30th Anniversary Edition

Selfish Gene - Dawkins, Richard - ISBN: 9780199291151
Prijs: € 12,50
Levertijd: 4 tot 6 werkdagen
Bindwijze: Boek, Paperback (23-10-2012)
Genre: Exacte wetenschappen/natuurwetenschappen
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Offering an exposition of evolutionary thought, this book articulates a gene's eye view of evolution - a view giving centre stage to persistent units of information, and in which organisms can be seen as vehicles for their replication. Bringing insights of Neo-Darwinism, it aims to galvanize the biology community and generate much debate.


Titel: Selfish Gene
auteur: Dawkins, RichardMaak kennis met de auteur
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Paperback
Taal: Engels
Druk: 1
Aantal pagina's: 384
Uitgever: Groothandel - O.U.P.
Plaats van publicatie: 03
Publicatiedatum: 23-10-2012
NUR: Exacte wetenschappen/natuurwetenschappen
Afmetingen: 195 x 129 x 21
Gewicht: 286 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 0199291152
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780199291151
Intern nummer: 3192784

Biografie (woord)

Richard Dawkins, geb. 1941 in Nairobi, ist Evolutionsbiologe. Seit 1995 hat er den eigens für ihn eingerichteten Lehrstuhl für Public Understanding of Science an der Universität Oxford inne.


Richard Dawkins' brilliant reformulation of the theory of natural selection has the rare distinction of having provoked as much excitement and interest outside the scientific community as within it. His theories have helped change the whole nature of the study of social biology, and have forced thousands of readers to rethink their beliefs about life.
In his internationally bestselling, now classic volume, The Selfish Gene, Dawkins explains how the selfish gene can also be a subtle gene. The world of the selfish gene revolves around savage competition, ruthless exploitation, and deceit, and yet, Dawkins argues, acts of apparent altruism do exist in nature. Bees, for example, will commit suicide when they sting to protect the hive, and birds will risk their lives to warn the flock of an approaching hawk.
This 30th anniversary edition of Dawkins' fascinating book retains all original material, including the two enlightening chapters added in the second edition. In a new Introduction the author presents his thoughts thirty years after the publication of his first and most famous book, while the inclusion of the two-page original Foreword by brilliant American scientist Robert Trivers shows the enthusiastic reaction of the scientific community at that time. This edition is a celebration of a remarkable exposition of evolutionary thought, a work that has been widely hailed for its stylistic brilliance and deep scientific insights, and that continues to stimulate whole new areas of research today.


Introduction to 30th anniversary edition vii
Preface to second edition xv
Foreword to first edition xix
Preface to first edition xxi
1. Why are people?
2. The replicators
3. Immortal coils
4. The gene machine
5. Aggression: stability and the selfish machine
6. Genesmanship
7. Family planning
8. Battle of the generations
9. Battle of the sexes
10. You scratch my back, I'll ride on yours 166(23)
11. Memes: the new replicators 189(13)
12. Nice guys finish first 202(32)
13. The long reach of the gene 234(33)
Endnotes 267(66)
Updated bibliography 333(12)
Index and key to bibliography 345(8)
Extracts from reviews 353


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