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Evolution Of Hominin Diets

Integrating Approaches To The Study Of Palaeolithic Subsistence

Evolution Of Hominin Diets - ISBN: 9781402096983
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Bindwijze: Boek, Gebonden
Genre: Evolutie
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As Can Hopefully Be Seen In The Volume, Although This Is A Fundamental Research Topic, Much Of The These Papers Provide Important Reviews Of The Current Research Research Continues To Be Undertaken By Specialists And There In These Areas, As Well As Often Present New Research On Dietary Is, With Some Notable Exceptions (e.


Titel: Evolution Of Hominin Diets
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Gebonden
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 270
Uitgever: Springer-verlag New York Inc.
Plaats van publicatie: NL
NUR: Evolutie
Collectie: Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology
Afmetingen: 279 x 210
Gewicht: 957 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9781402096983
Intern nummer: 11418336


From the reviews: The papers reflect a wide variety of ap proaches to studying hominin diet, ranging from tradi tional faunal analyses to lithic and fossil perspectives on the origins of projectile technology. In the brief preface to the volume, the editors express the hope that the book will serve two purposes first, to provide an up-to-date ac count of research on human dietary evolution; and second, to provide an introduction to aspects of research on the topic that are being undertaken in fields that may not be the reader s own. With a few minor exceptions, the volume succeeds at both of these goals, and as such, it will serve as a useful resource to anyone interested in human evolution more broadly. The volume does admirably well at providing both a summary of current research in the field while also presenting some new per-spectives. It will be a valuable addition to the libraries of those interested in dietary evolution, and would also serve as a useful jumping-off point for graduate-level seminars on the topic. Jamie L. Clark, PaleoAnthropology, 2009


1. The diets of non-human primates: frugivory, food processing, and food sharing. G. Hohmann§2. The Energetics of Encephalization in Early Hominids. J.J. Snodgrass, W.R. Leonard, and M.L. Robertson§3. Meals vs. snacks and the human dentition and diet during the Paleolithic. P. Lucas, Z.Q. Sui, K.Y. Ang, H.T.W. Tan, S.H. King, B. Sadler, and N. Peri§4. Modern human physiology with respect to evolutionary adaptations that relate to diet in the past. S. Lindeberg§5. Hunting and hunting weapons of the Lower and Middle Paleolithic of Europe. P. Villa and M. Lenoir§6. Neanderthal and modern human diet in Eastern Europe. J. Hoffecker§7. Hominin subsistence patterns during the Middle and Late Pleistocene in northwestern Europe. S. Gaudzinski-Windheuser and L. Niven§8. Late Pleistocene subsistence strategies and resource intensification in Africa. T.E. Steele and R.G. Klein§9. Seasonal Patterns of Prey Acquisition and Inter-group Competition During the Middle and Upper Paleolithic of the Southern Caucasus. .D. S. Adler and G. Bar-Oz§10. Epipaleolithic subsistence intensification in the southern Levant: the faunal evidence. N. Munro§11. Paleolithic diet and the division of labor in Mediterranean Eurasia. M.C. Stiner and S.L. Kuhn§12. Moving north: archaeobotanical evidence for plant diet in Middle and Upper Paleolithic Europe. M. Jones§13. Diet in early hominin species: a paleoenvironmental perspective. Z. Alemseged and R. Bobe§14. The Impact of Projectile Weaponry on Late Pleistocene Hominin Evolution. J.J. Shea§15. The evolution of the human capacity for "killing at a distance". S.E. Churchill and J.A. Rhodes§16. An energetics perspective on the Neandertal record. K. Macdonald, W. Roebroeks, and A. Verpoorte§17. d13C values reflect aspects of primate ecology in addition to diet. M.J. Schoeninger§18. Increased Dietary Breadth in Early Hominin Evolution: Revisiting Arguments and Evidence with a Focus on Biogeochemical Contributions. M. Sponheimer and D.L. Dufour§19. Neanderthal dietary habits: Review of the isotopic evidence. H. Bocherens§20. Stable isotope evidence for European Upper Paleolithic human diets. M.P. Richards


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