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Mathematics In Games, Sports, And Gambling - Gould, Ronald J. (emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, Usa) - ISBN: 9781498719520
Ecology: Concepts And Applications - Molles, Manuel - ISBN: 9780077837280
Surface Area And Porosity Determinations By Physisorption - Condon, James B. (roane State Community College, Harriman, Tn, Usa) - ISBN: 9780128187852
Local Fractional Integral Transforms And Their Applications - Srivastava, H. M. (university Of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada&lt;br&gt;university Of Victoria, Bc, Canada); Baleanu, Dumitru (department Of Mathematics And Computer Sciences, Faculty Of Arts And Sciences, Cankaya University, Turkey); Yang, Xiao-jun (china University Of Mining And Technology, Xuzhou, China) - ISBN: 9780128040027
Solutions Manual For Chemistry - Topich, Joseph; Robinson, Jill Kirsten; Fay, Robert C.; McMurry, John E. - ISBN: 9780133892291
Environmentalism Of The Rich - Dauvergne, Peter (university Of British Columbia) - ISBN: 9780262535144
Armies Of Ancient Persia: The Sassanians - Farrokh, Kaveh - ISBN: 9781848848450
Categories For Quantum Theory - Vicary, Jamie (royal Society University Research Fellow, Royal Society University Research Fellow, University Of Birmingham); Heunen, Chris (reader, Reader, University Of Edinburgh) - ISBN: 9780198739623
Compendium Of Landscape Architecture - Ludwig, Karl - ISBN: 9783037682197
Synoptic-dynamic Meteorology Lab Manual - Visual Exercises To Complement Midlatitude Synoptic Meteorology - Tyle, Keven; Lackmann, Gary - ISBN: 9781878220264
Physical Geology - Plummer, Charles (carlos) C.; Carlson, Diane H.; Hammersley, Lisa - ISBN: 9780078096105
Vet Tech Essentials - Wolff, Amy J. - ISBN: 9780135080160
Invisible Beast: Understanding The Hellenistic Pike Phalanx In Action - Matthew, Christopher - ISBN: 9781783831104
Molecular Spectroscopy And Quantum Dynamics - ISBN: 9780128172346
The Substantive Law of the EU - Barnard, Catherine - ISBN: 9780198749950
European Banking Union - Busch, Danny (EDT)/ Ferrarini, Guido (EDT) - ISBN: 9780198727309
Technology In The Ancient World: Ancient Greece - Samuels, Charlie - ISBN: 9781445142623
Foster On Eu Law - Foster, Nigel (llm Degree Academic Director, Llm Degree Academic Director, Robert Kennedy College, Zurich, Switzerland) - ISBN: 9780198794608
Syria-palestine In The Late Bronze Age - Pfoh, Emanuel - ISBN: 9781844657841
Cucurbiturils: Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry And Applications - Kim, Kimoon; Ho Ko, Young; Selvapalam, Narayanan - ISBN: 9781848164086

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