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Spank The Monkey

Spank The Monkey - Vincentelli, Alessandro/ Welsh, Katharine - ISBN: 9783899551747
Prijs: € 29,90
Levertijd: onbekend
Bindwijze: Boek, Paperback (01-01-2007)
Genre: Graffiti
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Spank The Monkey is an international survey of recent contemporary urban art by independent curator Pedro Alonzo and BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art Director Peter Doroshenko. Starring both artists from the established art arena and those from the ‘street art’ scene, who have created an art system of their own, far removed from that of the museum and gallery circuit, it addresses the parallels between these two functioning and often entirely separate art worlds.

Presenting new and recent works by twenty-two artists who share a remarkable creative vitality and innovative spirit, the accompanying essays examine the works and place them in a broad context of urban and street art. Spank The Monkey brings together established art world figures and heroes from the Street scene, ranging from works by Barry McGee and iconic street artist Miss Van, through to Japanese graphic designers Groovisions, a billboard campaign by Shepard Fairey, a sculpture and painting installation by graffiti artists Os Gemeos, Swoon’s signature wheat paste ups in a uniquely designed cityscape and urban interventions by Banksy.

Featuring painting, sculpture, drawing, graphic design, installation, illustration and photography, they evoke a distinctive and irreverent vision informed as much by independent music, street culture, graphic design, manga comics, skateboarding, surfing, fashion and politics, as by the conventions of the contemporary art world. This book harnesses the energy of some of the most significant artists to emerge from this new international sub-culture.

Featured artists: Chiho Aoshima, Banksy, Dzine, Dr. Lakra, Faile, Freaks Gallery, Shepard Fairey, Groovisions, Invader, Kozyndan, Barry McGee, Ryan McGinness, Takashi Murakami, Miss Van, Neasden Control Centre, Os Gemeos, David Shrigley, Natasha Struchkova, Swoon, Aya Takano, Ed Templeton and Yasumasa Yonehara.


Titel: Spank The Monkey
auteur: Vincentelli, Alessandro/ Welsh, Katharine
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Paperback
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 175
Uitgever: Die Gestalten Verlag
Plaats van publicatie: 01
Publicatiedatum: 01-01-2007
NUR: Graffiti
Afmetingen: 273 x 234 x 19
Gewicht: 1065 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 3899551745
ISBN/ISBN13: 9783899551747
Intern nummer: 7094487


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