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Cambridge History Of Judaism: Volume 7, The Early Modern World, 1500-1815

The Early Modern World, 1500–1815

Cambridge History Of Judaism: Volume 7, The Early Modern World, 1500-1815 - ISBN: 9780521889049
Prijs: € 204,40
Levertijd: 8 tot 12 werkdagen
Bindwijze: Boek, Gebonden
Genre: Overige religies
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An authoritative and detailed overview of early modern Jewish history, with chapters written by leading international experts.


Titel: Cambridge History Of Judaism: Volume 7, The Early Modern World, 1500-1815
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Gebonden
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 1152
Uitgever: Cambridge University Press
Plaats van publicatie: 03
NUR: Overige religies
Afmetingen: 233 x 161 x 47
Gewicht: 1562 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780521889049
Intern nummer: 36419311
Volume: 1


Introduction Jonathan Karp and Adam Sutcliffe; Part I. European and Mediterranean Jewry 1500–1650: 1. The Catholic Church and the Jews Kenneth Stow; 2. Judaism and Protestantism R. Po-chia Hsia; 3. The rise of Ottoman Jewry Joseph R. Hacker; 4. The shifting legal and political status of early modern Jewries Andreas Gotzmann; 5. Jews and the early modern economy Francesca Trivellato; 6. The early modern Jewish community and its institutions Elisheva Carlebach; Part II. Themes and Trends in Early Modern Jewish Life: 7. Iberia and beyond: Judeoconversos and the Iberian inquisitions David Graizbord; 8. The establishment of East European Jewry Israel Bartal; 9. Linguistic transformations: Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) Matthias B. Lehmann; 10. Continuity and change in early modern Yiddish language and literature Jean Baumgarten; 11. Jewish book culture since the invention of printing (1469–c.1815) Emile G. L. Schrijver; 12. The Christian study of Judaism in early modern Europe Theodore Dunkelgrun; 13. Rabbinic culture and the development of Halakhah Jay R. Berkovitz; 14. Discipline, dissent, and communal authority in the Western Sephardic Diaspora Yosef Kaplan; 15. Education and Homiletics Marc Saperstein; 16. Dimensions of Kabbalah from the Spanish expulsion to the dawn of Hasidism Lawrence Fine; 17. Magic, mysticism, and popular belief in Jewish culture (1500–1815) J. H. Chajes; 18. Sabbatai Sevi and the Sabbatean movement Matt Goldish; 19. Science, medicine and Jewish philosophy Adam Shear; 20. Port Jews revisited: commerce and culture in the age of European expansion Lois C. Dubin; 21. Jews in the Polish-Lithuanian economy (1453–1795) Adam Teller; 22. Jewish piety and devotion in early modern Eastern Europe Glenn Dynner; 23. The rise of Hasidism Moshe Rosman; 24. Enlightenment and Haskalah Edward Breuer; 25. Women, water, and wine: the paradoxical piety of early modern Jewry Elliott Horowitz; 26. Jews, Judaism, and the visual arts Marc Michael Epstein; 27. Musical dilemmas of early modern Jews Edwin Seroussi; Part III. The Jewish World, 1650–1815: 28. Judaism in Germany (1650–1815) Deborah Hertz; 29. The making of Habsburg Jewry in the long eighteenth century Michael K. Silber; 30. The Jews of Poland-Lithuania (1650–1815) François Guesnet; 31. The Jews of the Ottoman Empire 1580–1839 Joseph R. Hacker; 32. The Jews of Italy (1650–1815) Francesca Bregoli; 33. Locals: the Jews in the early modern Dutch Republic Bart T. Wallet and Irene Zwiep; 34. The Jews of France (c.1650–c.1815) Jay R. Berkovitz; 35. The Jews of Great Britain (1650–1815) Todd M. Endelman; 36. The Jews in the early modern Caribbean and the Atlantic world Wim Klooster; 37. The Jews in early North America: agents of empire, champions of liberty Bill Pencak; 38. The Jews of Africa and Asia (1500–1815) Tudor Parfitt; 39. The Jews of Iran in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries Vera B. Moreen; 40. Toleration, integration, regeneration, and reform: rethinking the roots and routes of 'Jewish emancipation' Adam Sutcliffe; 41. Looking backward and forward: rethinking Jewish modernity in the light of early modernity David B. Ruderman; Index.


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