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Urban Freight Transportation Systems

Urban Freight Transportation Systems - ISBN: 9780128173626
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Bindwijze: Boek
Genre: Vervoerstechniek
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Urban Freight Transportation Systems offers new insights into the complexities of today s urban freight transport system. It provides a much needed multidisciplinary perspective from researchers in not only transportation, but also engineering, business management, planning and the law. The book examines numerous critical issues, such as strategies for delivery, logistics and freight transport spatial patterns, urban policy assessment, innovative transportation technologies, urban hubs, and the role factories play in the urban freight transport system. The book offers a novel conceptual approach for addressing the problems of production, logistics and traffic in an urban context.

As most of the world's population now live in cities, thus significantly increasing commercial traffic, there are numerous challenges for efficiently and sustainably delivering goods into cities. This book provides solutions and tactics to those challenges.

  • Includes interdisciplinary contributors from around the globe
  • Provides never-before-published original research to help users stay current and develop a deeper understanding of the field
  • Presents the methods and results of research that is useful for both academics and practitioners


Titel: Urban Freight Transportation Systems
Mediatype: Boek
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 316
Uitgever: Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc
NUR: Vervoerstechniek
Afmetingen: 153 x 427 x 21
Gewicht: 506 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780128173626
Intern nummer: 44399684

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Comprehensive and interdisciplinary reference on the latest research on logistics and transport in urban goods movement


Introduction: Emerging Issues in Urban Freight Transportation Systems Introduction and Overview of the Book

Part A: Land-use and Urban Production 1. Logistics Locations Patterns Distance-based methods for relative industrial concentration measurement applied to the region of Berlin-Brandenburg 2. Developing a pricing model for promoting coordinated resource demand in cooperative warehouses 3. Urban Factories Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Resource Efficiency

Part B: Logistics Concepts and Urban Freight Transportation 4. Improving cost efficiency and environmental impact through the integration of light freight and passenger railway transport and last mile distribution analysis 5. Commercial traffic 2.0 Analysis and recommendations of delivery strategies for the package delivery industry in urban areas 6. The impact of data accuracy for efficient and feasible routing plans 7. Last mile transport of fragmented deliveries: delivery preferences of nanostoreowners 8. The Development and Status Quo of Freight Transport in China 9. Transshipment Hub Automation in China s CEP sector

Part C: Application of New Technologies and Deployment of Electric Vehicles 10. Scenario-based development of Intelligent Transportation Systems for road freight transport in Germany 11. Assessing the potential of truck platooning in short distances: the case study of Portugal 12. E-vehicles for urban logistics why is it not happening yet? - requirements of an innovative and sustainable urban logistics concept 13. Mobility behavior of companies in urban areas: A triangulation approach to explore the potential for BEV 14. Enhancing the potential for BEV by identifying behaviorally homogenous groups in commercial traffic Conclusion: Urban Freight Transportation Systems: Current Trends and Prospects for the Future


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