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Solid Waste Landfilling

Processes, Technology, and Environmental Impacts

Solid Waste Landfilling - Cossu, Raffaello/ Stegmann, Rainer - ISBN: 9780124077218
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Bindwijze: Boek, Gebonden (01-10-2018)
Genre: Milieutechniek en milieutechnische wetenschappen
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Solid Waste Landfilling: Processes, Technology and Environmental Impacts provides interdisciplinary information on the concepts, processes and various technologies for promoting stabilization and minimizing environmental impacts in landfills. The book starts with the methods of pre-treatment of waste, and then continues through long-term aftercare and remediation. As the main challenges in waste management are the reduction and proper treatment of waste and the appropriate use of waste streams, the book satisfies the needs of a modern landfill, covering waste pre-treatment, in situ treatment, long-term behavior, closure, aftercare, environmental impact and sustainability.

The book is written for practitioners who need specific information on the options available for landfill construction and operation, but also addresses the needs of those who are concerned about the possible return of these sites to landscapes and their subsequent uses for future generations.

  • Includes input by international contributors from a vast number of disciplines
  • Provides worldwide approaches and technologies
  • Showcases the interdisciplinary nature of the topic
  • Focuses on sustainability, covering the lifecycle of landfills under the concept of minimizing environmental impact
  • Presents knowledge of the legal framework and economic aspects of landfilling
  • Features editors who are key researchers on landfilling, and who organize the annual Sardinia Symposium, the most renowned symposium in waste management


Titel: Solid Waste Landfilling
auteur: Cossu, Raffaello/ Stegmann, Rainer
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Gebonden
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 768
Uitgever: Elsevier Science Ltd
Publicatiedatum: 01-10-2018
NUR: Milieutechniek en milieutechnische wetenschappen
Afmetingen: 228 x 152 x 0
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780124077218
Intern nummer: 34945609

Biografie (woord)

Rainer Stegmann retired in 2008 as Professor Head of the Institute of Waste Management at the Hamburg University of Technology. He has been a visiting professor at several Universities and has coordinated several international and national research projects. He is a member of the environmental advisory board for waste company Shanks, UK. And Chairman of IWWG (International Waste Working Group). Dr. Stegmann has authored more than 300 scientific papers and several international books.

Extra informatie

Provides interdisciplinary information on the concepts, processes and technologies for promoting stabilization and minimizing environmental impacts in landfills


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