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Fossil Fuel Revolution

Shale Gas And Tight Oil

Fossil Fuel Revolution - Borglum, Scyller J. (doctoral Researcher, Department Of Geology And Geological Engineering, South Dakota School Of Mines And Technology); Soeder, Daniel J. (director, Energy Resources Initiative, Department Of Geology And Geological Engineering, South Dakota School Of Mines And Technology) - ISBN: 9780128153970
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The Fossil Fuel Revolution: Shale Gas and Tight Oil describes the remarkable new energy resources being obtained from shale gas and tight oil through a combination of directional drilling and staged hydraulic fracturing, opening up substantial new energy reserves for the 21st Century. The book includes the history of shale gas development, the technology used to economically recover hydrocarbons, and descriptions of the ten primary shale gas resources of the United States. International shale resources, environmental concerns, and policy issues are also addressed. This book is intended as a reference on shale gas and tight oil for industry members, undergraduate and graduate students, engineers and geoscientists.

  • Provides a cross-cutting view of shale gas and tight oil in the context of geology, petroleum engineering, and the practical aspects of production
  • Includes a comprehensive description of productive and prospective shales in one book, allowing readers to compare and contrast production from different shale plays
  • Addresses environmental and policy issues and compares alternative energy resources in terms of economics and sustainability
  • Features an extensive resource list of peer-reviewed references, websites, and journals provided at the end of each chapter


Biografie (woord)

Dr. Scyller J. Borglum currently serves as a geomechanical engineer at RESPEC, a consulting and lab testing company in Rapid City as well as State Representative for South Dakota House District 32. She completed her doctorate in Geology and Geological Engineering in 2018 at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology. During her doctoral studies, Borglum worked as a research engineer at the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) in Morgantown, West Virginia, and for the Energy Resources Initiative on SD Mines campus. Prior to her time in Rapid City, she worked as a petroleum engineer for Packer s Plus Energy Services, Anadarko Petroleum Corp., and Marathon Oil Company in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, and finally in the Bakken in North Dakota.

Extra informatie

A comprehensive reference book that describes the life cycle of shale gas and tight oil, from geologic beginnings to final usage


PART I: GEOLOGY OF TIGHT OIL AND GAS SHALES 1. Petroleum geology concepts 2. Unconventional tight oil and shale gas resources 3. The revolutionary U.S. shale plays 4. The evolutionary U.S. shale plays 5. International shale plays

PART II. THE FUTURE OF FOSSIL FUELS 6. Environmental concerns 7. Energy economics

PART III. ENERGY POLICY 8. Energy security 9. The politics of energy


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