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Handbook of Natural Gas Transmission and Processing

Principles and Practices

Handbook of Natural Gas Transmission and Processing - Mak, John Y.; Poe, William A.; Mokhatab, Saeid - ISBN: 9780128158173
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Bindwijze: Boek, Gebonden (18-10-2018)
Genre: Mijnbouw
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Written by an internationally-recognized team of natural gas industry experts, the fourth edition of Handbook of Natural Gas Transmission and Processing is a unique, well-researched, and comprehensive work on the design and operation aspects of natural gas transmission and processing. Six new chapters have been added to include detailed discussion of the thermodynamic and energy efficiency of relevant processes, and recent developments in treating super-rich gas, high CO2 content gas, and high nitrogen content gas with other contaminants. The new material describes technologies for processing today s unconventional gases, providing a fresh approach in solving today s gas processing challenges including greenhouse gas emissions. The updated edition is an excellent platform for gas processors and educators to understand the basic principles and innovative designs necessary to meet today s environmental and sustainability requirement while delivering acceptable project economics.

  • Covers all technical and operational aspects of natural gas transmission and processing.
  • Provides pivotal updates on the latest technologies, applications, and solutions.
  • Helps to understand today s natural gas resources, and the best gas processing technologies.
  • Offers design optimization and advice on the design and operation of gas plants.


Titel: Handbook of Natural Gas Transmission and Processing
auteur: Mak, John Y.; Poe, William A.; Mokhatab, Saeid
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Gebonden
Taal: Engels
Druk: 4
Aantal pagina's: 862
Uitgever: Elsevier Science
Plaats van publicatie: 01
Publicatiedatum: 2018-10-18
NUR: Mijnbouw
Afmetingen: 235 x 191
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780128158173
Intern nummer: 41577425

Biografie (woord)

John Y. Mak is a Senior Fellow and Technical Director at Fluor, the United States, and leads the technology and design development for Fluor chemical and energy division. He is the technical expert and SME with Fluor for over 40 years and has been leading major oil and gas, petrochemical and refinery projects from conceptual designs, feasibility studies, FEED development, detailed engineering, to plant start-up and performance testing. John has made contributions to innovations in natural gas treating and processing, NGL recovery, LNG liquefaction and regasification, synthesis gas purification, and carbon capture methods. John is the co-author of the Handbook of Liquefied Natural Gas, first edition (2013) published by Elsevier, the United States. He has published over 80 technical papers and has frequently presented his findings at technical conferences such as GPA Midstream Convention, GPA Europe, Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference, LNG Summit, Offshore Technology Conference, GASTECH, and China Coal Forum. John is the inventor of over 90 patents and patent pending processes. John is specializing in more complex NGL recovery designs for conventional and unconventional gases, treating high CO2 content gases using physical solvents, acid gas removal with amines, cryogenic nitrogen rejection and helium recovery.

Extra informatie

Presents both the fundamentals and latest technical trends for the full spectrum of the natural gas industry


"This handbook is a valuable reference that covers all aspects of the natural gas transmission and processing industries. It contains much needed design, operation and optimization information, all in a single source and does an excellent job of highlighting the key considerations for any gas processing project, as well as providing innovative solutions in natural gas liquids recovery and treating high nitrogen and carbon dioxide content gases in unconventional gas plants. It is a key addition to any gas processing professional s library." --Jason Kraynek, Vice President of Business Transformationand Innovations, Fluor, USA

"This handbook is a valuable reference that covers all aspects of natural gas processing and handling. It has been fully updated in this fourth edition to also cover the recent developments in dealing with more sour gases and gases that contain all kinds of contaminants. It provides a good insight in the operational and technical aspects to the handling of natural gases. A great reference for students, operators and engineers working in the natural gas industry." --Frank Scheel, Director of Technology, Jacobs Comprimo Sulfur Solutions, the Netherlands

"This high quality, comprehensive book gives an accurate picture of where the natural gas transmission and processing industry stands today, and describes some relatively new technologies that could become important in the future. I recommend this book for any professional gas processing engineer and technologist." --David Messersmith, Bechtel Fellow and Manager of LNG Technology and Services Group, Bechtel OG&C, USA

"This well-balanced book is a must read for anyone in the natural gas business due to its completeness in the coverage of all aspects of the natural gas transmission and processing industry. As well as covering some topics rarely discussed and hard to find in the literature, the complex elements of the gas processing industry as well as practical advices for the safe design and operation of gas plants are fully addressed in a straightforward fashion, which makes the book appealing to all parties who are involved in the natural gas field development projects." --Philip Hunter, Senior Vice President Global LNG/FLNG/GTL Technology & Development, KBR, UK

"This is a valuable handbook to both the experienced engineer and the graduate just commencing in natural gas engineering. It provides practical advice for design and operation based on sound engineering principles and established techniques as well as introducing process solutions based on new and emerging technologies." --Adrian Finn, Manager of Process Technology, Costain Natural Resources, UK

"This is a wide ranging book providing the reader with much more information than that necessary to just support the engineering of a gas plant. Having introduced the fundamental science of natural gas, it covers sources, products, transportation and economics of natural gas production, before covering all the unit operations involved in gas treatment to meet product specifications. Additional sections are included covering control systems, dynamic simulation, environmental aspects, maximizing gas plant profitability and gas plant project management, and these contribute to what is a holistic handbook that will educate all those who wish to learn about the subject." --Jon Lewis, Vice President of Gas Processing and Sulfur Recovery, Advisian, WorleyParsons Group, UK

"This book comes at a critical time when many nations are shifting to an increasingly higher percentage of natural gas use within their range of energy sources. Giving the reader a comprehensive insight into the natural gas transmission and processing industry, this book will prove invaluable in orienting the newcomer and extending the scope of understanding of the veteran." --Lorenzo Micucci, Manager of Technology and Markets Research, Siirtec Nigi, Italy

"A very useful handbook that covers topics that others have missed. Highly recommended for any professionals who are involved with the natural gas transmission and processing industry. The authors are experts in their field and provide high quality coverage of subjects that are current and of practical use to long time professionals as well as newcomers. The material is quite comprehensive and covers all aspects of natural gas making this a need to have reference book." --Dr. Thomas H. Wines, Director of Applications Development, Pall Corporation, USA

"This comprehensive reference book covers all technical aspects of natural gas transmission and processing in a very practical manner. Contrary to other books, it is pleasant to read, and the information, always accurate, can be found easily. Very importantly, it also describes emerging trends and helps to understand what the future of Gas Processing could look like." --Alexandre Terrigeol, Sales and Technical Manager, CECA Molecular Sieves, France

"The reader will find the information on gas handling from the wellhead to the consumer to be not only be informative, but to be presented with an eye toward practical applications and with an operations understanding. The comprehensive coverage of the subjects makes it a useful guide to those new to the natural gas transmission and processing industry and a ready reference for more experienced engineers." --Michael J. Mitariten, Senior Director, Natural Gas and Biogas Separations, Air Liquide, USA

"This excellent handbook gives a comprehensive insight into the complete natural gas transmission and processing industry. As such, it is the perfect companion for young process engineering graduates just starting to learn the business, as well as for more experienced engineers looking for a desktop reference book. I enjoyed especially the fine balance the authors found between the introduction of each process step, the description of the most important process design principles (including safety and environmental), and the so important (and sometimes forgotten) operational aspects of efficiently and safely running the plant. I especially liked the chapter on "Real-Time Optimization of Gas Processing Plants" as it covers the practical requirements of advanced process control, real time optimization, and the underlying process models and it rounds it all up with a detailed description of a successful real-life example." --Dr. Michael Brodkorb, EMEA Software Consulting Manager, Honeywell Process Solutions, Spain

"This comprehensive book provides in-depth coverage of all technical aspects of natural gas transmission and processing, beyond those addressed in other books. This is a "must addition" to library of anyone working in the midstream and downstream sectors of natural gas utilization to achieve higher career goals. I commend the authors continuous effort to make it an excellent source book for all professionals, engineers, and scientists in the natural gas industry." --Dr. Suresh C. Sharma, ONEOK Chair Professor and Director of Natural Gas Engineering and Management, University of Oklahoma, USA

"This book is a major contribution to the professional literature and will serve as a valuable desk reference for scientists, researchers, and engineers working in the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors of natural gas industry. Literature references for in-depth study enhance the reference aspect of this comprehensive work. The organization of materials also permits flexibility in designing courses in the gas processing field for university students in chemical/petroleum engineering curricula." --Dr. Kenneth R. Hall, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, Texas A&M University at Qatar, Qatar

"This comprehensive book provides a state-of-the-art treatment of the different aspects of natural gas transmission and processing from the fundamental principles to the latest technology developments. It is a unique reference for all professionals involved in natural gas industry and an excellent textbook for graduate programs on the subject." --Dr. Valerio Cozzani, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Director of Post-Graduate Program on Oil & Gas Process Design, University of Bologna, Italy

"Natural gas transmission and processing industry requires engineers to be provided with books and materials that would help them put their best effort towards understanding the many complex concepts. In spite of the tremendous pressure experienced by the professionals, there is a lack of adequate support material. This comprehensive book, which is the first example of its kind with a massive coverage of subjects, is a great step towards this endeavor. An impressive feature of this book is the high competence of authors who are perfectly versed in their areas of specialization." --Dr. Jean-Nol JAUBERT, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Head of the Thermodynamics and Energy Research Group, University of Lorraine, France

"This unique handbook, written by internationally renowned gas-engineering experts, is a major contribution to the professional and scholarly literature, offering an excellent coverage of key topics in the natural gas supply chain. It addresses the principles, practices, advanced technologies, new issues and challenges related to the natural gas transmission and processing industry, which have not been addressed in depth in any existing books. I recommend it highly, as a reference and textbook." --Dr. Brian F. Towler, Professor and Chair of Petroleum Engineering, University of Queensland, Australia

"This is a comprehensive handbook that provides a wide and detailed coverage of the different aspects of natural gas transmission and processing, representing a valuable guide for scientists, researchers, university students, and engineers working in the relevant fields. It is the reference book for my research group when we need some tips on natural gas processing." --Dr. Laura A. Pellegrini, Professor of Chemical Plants and Director of Graduate and Post-Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, Italy


1. Natural Gas Fundamentals 2. Phase Behavior of Natural Gas Systems 3. Raw Gas Transmission 4. Basic Concepts of Natural Gas Processing 5. Phase Separation 6. Condensate Production 7. Natural Gas Treating 8. Sulfur Recovery and Handling 9. Natural Gas Dehydration and Mercaptans Removal 10. Mercury Removal 11. Natural Gas Liquids Recovery 12. Nitrogen Rejection and Helium Recovery 13. Unconventional Gas Processing 14. Natural Gas Compression 15. Sales Gas Transmission 16. Natural Gas Measurement 17. Gas Processing Plant Operations 18. Utility and Offsite Systems in Gas Processing Plants 19. Process Modeling and Simulation of Gas Processing Plants 20. Gas Processing Plant Automation 21. Real-Time Optimization of Gas Processing Plants 22. Energy and Exergy Analyses of Gas Processing Plants 23. Maximizing Profitability of Gas Plant Assets 24. Gas Plant Project Management

Appendix 1. Conversion Factors 2. Standard Gas Conditions 3. Physical Properties of Fluids


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