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Giant Metallic Deposits

Future Sources Of Industrial Metals

Giant Metallic Deposits - Laznicka, Peter - ISBN: 9783642124044
Prijs: € 317,95
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Bindwijze: Boek, Gebonden
Genre: Mijnbouw
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Metals In The Earth's Crust Are Very Unevenly Distributed And, Traditionally, A Small Number Of Ore Deposits, Districts Or Countries Have Dominated The World Supply And Have Influenced Commodity Prices.


Titel: Giant Metallic Deposits
auteur: Laznicka, Peter
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Gebonden
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 949
Uitgever: Springer-verlag Berlin And Heidelberg Gmbh & Co. Kg
Plaats van publicatie: DE
NUR: Mijnbouw
Afmetingen: 260 x 193
Gewicht: 2109 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9783642124044
Intern nummer: 14713615


From the reviews: "Another humdinger of a hand or reference book by Laznicka s decades-long intensive global studies in making sense of our metalliferous resources. Any exploration company s library university and research institution s library, any Earth-science and resource-economist-type researcher (including planner, politician, or bureaucrat) on any level of activity, must have a copy. I can highly recommend all his publications, including of course the present one. The publishers must be congratulated for keeping the price down to a comparatively reasonable level." (Karl Wolf, The Australian Geologist, September, 2006) "Encompassing over 700 pages, Peter Laznicka s newly published volume gives a full illustration of the source of the metals required to support our modern lifestyle. These materials provide the means to increase our living standards. The sections also do a good job illustrating most of the world s major mines. In a geological context, this gives scale to the overwhelming importance of global tectonics for the formation of giant mineral deposits." (Michael Forrest, Materials World, August 2007) "In this book, Peter Laznicka brings over 40 years of experience with more than 4000 ore deposits in 140 countries to bear on the problem of giant ore deposits, which he says will supply a growing proportion of future world demand. The book is divided into three sections. its real value is in the wealth of detail about giant ore deposits. Anyone interested in Earth s capacity to generate large geochemical anomalies will find this book a good place to start." (Stephen E. Kesler, The Journal of Geology, March, 2008) "This book is focused on giant mineral deposits that are responsible for the bulk of the world s metallic ores. The book is divided into three sections . The hardbound volume is well put together by the publisher . there is a lot of valuable compilation material hidden in the volume such that it does belong in the ore deposits section of any good research library. it could serve as a valuable resource for geologic information of giant ore deposits." (Richard J. Goldfarb, Economic Geology, Vol. 110, 2006)


Explanations, Abbreviations, Units.- 1 Civilization based on metals.- 2 Data on metallic deposits and magnitude categories: the giant and world class deposits.- 3 From trace metals to giant deposits.- 4 Mantle to oceans.- 5 Young island arcs.- 5 Andean-type margins.- 7 Cordilleran granitoids.- 8 Volcano-sedimentary orogens.- 9 Precambrian greenstone-granite terrains.- 10 Intracratonic orogens, granites, hydrothermal deposits.- 11 Proterozoic intracratonic orogens and basins: Extension, sedimentation, magmatism.- 12 Rifts, paleo-rifts, rifted margins, mantle plumes, anorogenic and alkaline magmatism.- 13 Sedimentary associations and regolith.- 14 Higher-grade metamorphic associations.- 15 Giant deposits in geological context.- 16 Giant deposits, industry, economics, politics.- 17 Finding or acquiring giant deposits.- References.- Locality index.- Subject index.


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