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Advances In Web-based Learning - Icwl 2010

9th International Conference, Shanghai, China, December 8-10, 2010, Proceedings

Advances In Web-based Learning - Icwl 2010 - Luo, Xiangfeng (EDT)/ Spaniol, Marc (EDT)/ Wang, Lizhe (EDT)/ Li, Qing (EDT)/ Nejdl, Wolfgang (EDT) - ISBN: 9783642174063
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Bindwijze: Boek
Genre: Materiaalkunde
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ICWL is an annual international conference series on Web-based learning that has so far been held in Asia, Europe and Australia. This series represents the cooperationofEuropeanandAsianresearcherstoadvancethe?eldofWeb-based learning. The 9th ICWL 2010 was held in Shanghai, China. ICWL 2010 was jointlyorganizedbytheHongKongWebSociety,ShanghaiUniversity.Shanghai, knownthroughouttheworldasthe ParisoftheOrient, isathrivingmetropolis delightfully mixing the West and East, old and new, ancient and modern. It was particularly special to hold ICWL 2010 in Shanghai, as Expo 2010 was held in the same city just before the conference period. This year, we received about 192 submissions. There were a total of 36 full papers and 8 short papers, representing an acceptance rate of about 23%; these papers are included in this LNCS proceedings volume. The authors of these s- missions came from 35 countries and regions, while the authors of the accepted paperscamefrom18countriesandregions.Wewouldliketo thank thereviewers for spending their precious time reviewing the papers and for providing valuable comments that aided signi?cantly in the paper selection process. We would like to especially thank our Organization Chair, Feiyue Ye, for spending an enormous amount of time and e?ort in coordinating the local - rangements. In fact, we would like to thank the entire conference Organizing Committee for their hard work in putting together the conference. In parti- lar, we would like to express our appreciation to our Registration Chair, Jiying (Jean) Wang, and Haoran Xie for their tremendous e?orts in communicating with the authors.


Titel: Advances In Web-based Learning - Icwl 2010
auteur: Luo, Xiangfeng (EDT)/ Spaniol, Marc (EDT)/ Wang, Lizhe (EDT)/ Li, Qing (EDT)/ Nejdl, Wolfgang (EDT)
Mediatype: Boek
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 412
Uitgever: Springer-verlag Berlin And Heidelberg Gmbh & Co. Kg
Plaats van publicatie: DE
NUR: Materiaalkunde
Afmetingen: 228 x 152 x 25
Gewicht: 635 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9783642174063
Intern nummer: 17511308


Full Papers.- Supporting Adaptive Learning with a Student Model Repository and Shared Adaptive Variables.- Enhancing Personal Learning Environments by Context-Aware Tagging.- Assisting the Authoring Process of IMS-LD Using Web Parsing Technique.- Dynamic Navigation for Personalized Learning Activities Based on Gradual Adaption Recommendation Model.- An Advanced Learning Environment Aided by Recognition of Multi-modal Social Signals.- An Ontology-Based Framework for Personalized Adaptive Learning.- Personalized Curriculum Recommender System Based on Hybrid Filtering.- Evaluation of Learning Outcomes.- Incorporating an Automatic Judge into Blended Learning Programming Activities.- Visualizing Activities for Self-reflection and Awareness.- Web-Based Enhanced Learning Style Index with Integration into an e-Learning System.- Gap Detection in Web-Based Adaptive Educational Systems.- Bridging the Knowledge Gap between Research and Education through Textbooks.- Predicting Learning Styles in a Conversational Intelligent Tutoring System.- Specifying a Programming Exercises Evaluation Service on the e-Framework.- A Supplement for Learning Herbal Medicine Using a Web-Based Tool and Social Network.- Using Social Software for Teamwork and Collaborative Project Management in Higher Education.- Construction of the Intelligent Tutoring System from the View of Distributed Cognition.- A Scaffolding Support System for English Essay Reading.- Learning Content Adaptation for m-Learning Systems: A Multimodality Approach.- Supporting Active Learning in CLIL through Collaborative Search.- Supporting Flexible Competency Frameworks.- Extending Learning Objects by Means of Social Networking.- Improving Hybrid Learning of Physical Education by Video Review.- An Emotion Regulation Model in an E-Learning Environment.- Delivering QTI Self-tests to Personal Learning Environments Using Wookie Widgets.- e-Training DS: An Authoring Tool for Integrating Portable Computer Science Games in e-Learning.- Not Yet Ready for Everyone: An Experience Report about a Personal Learning Environment for Language Learning.- eCH, A Course Help Tool for Teacher.- Collaborative Learning by Means of Multiplayer Serious Games.- CONSPECT: Monitoring Conceptual Development.- LABTA: An Agent-Based Intelligent Teaching Assistant for Experiment Courses.- An Open Model for Learning Path Construction.- Automatically Constructing a Compact Concept Map of Dance Motion with Motion Captured Data.- Using the Petri Nets for the Learner Assessment in Serious Games.- Web-Based Probabilistic Retrieval of Chinese Calligraphic Character Images: An Efficiency Study.- Short Papers.- An Effort to Boost Building an Attentive Service Environment for the Participants in Smart Classrooms.- A Study on the Effectiveness of Cooperative Learning in College English Writing.- Comparing Learning Results of Web Based and Traditional Learning Students.- A Personalized Assessment System Based on Item Response Theory.- Open Learning: A Framework for Sharable Learning Activities.- Studies on Sustainable Design Strategies of the Product-Service System for the Web-Based English Learning.- Design and Implementation of Collaboration Support in Virtual Experiment Environment.- Cross-Cultural Multimedia Language Learning: Case Study and Analysis.


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