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Seismic Assessment, Behavior And Retrofit Of Heritage Buildings And Monuments

Seismic Assessment, Behavior And Retrofit Of Heritage Buildings And Monuments - Psycharis, Ioannis N. (EDT)/ Pantazopoulou, Stavroula J. (EDT)/ Papadrakakis, Manolis (EDT) - ISBN: 9783319360553
Prijs: € 149,05
Levertijd: 4 tot 6 werkdagen
Bindwijze: Boek
Genre: Installatietechniek
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This Book Assembles, Identifies And Highlights The Most Recent Developments In Rehabilitation And Retrofitting Of Historical And Heritage Structures.


Titel: Seismic Assessment, Behavior And Retrofit Of Heritage Buildings And Monuments
auteur: Psycharis, Ioannis N. (EDT)/ Pantazopoulou, Stavroula J. (EDT)/ Papadrakakis, Manolis (EDT)
Mediatype: Boek
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 490
Uitgever: Springer International Publishing Ag
Plaats van publicatie: CH
NUR: Installatietechniek
Afmetingen: 235 x 155
Gewicht: 8465 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9783319360553
Intern nummer: 36734377


Prologue.- Protection of Historical Buildings According to Prohitech, by Federico M. Mazzolani.- The Dynamics of the Rocking Frame, by Nicos Makris and Michalis F. Vassiliou.- Seismic reliability assessment of classical columns subjected to near source ground motions, by Ioannis Stefanou, Michalis Fragiadakis, Ioannis N. Psycharis.- Towards the use of time-history analysis for the seismic assessment of masonry structures, by Andrea Penna, Maria Rota, Alessandro Galasco, Amaryllis Mouyiannou.- Rapid Seismic Assessment Procedure of Masonry Buildings with Historic Value, by Stylianos I. Pardalopoulos, Stavroula J. Pantazopoulou and Maria Th. Kontari.- Seismic vulnerability of existing masonry buildings: Nonlinear parametric analysis, by Nuno Mendes and Paulo B. Lourenço.- Towards a multiscale scheme for nonlinear dynamic analysis of masonry structures with damage, by Savvas P. Triantafyllou and Eleni N. Chatzi.- Fragility Curves and Loss Estimation for Traditional Timber-framed Masonry Buildings in Lefkas, by Leonidas Alexandros S. Kouris and Andreas J. Kappos.- Dynamic and earthquake behaviour of Greek post-byzantine churches with Foundation deformability - Experimental investigation of stone Masonry material properties, by George C. Manos, Lambros Kotoulas, Vasiliki Matsou, Olympia Felekidou.- Computer Modeling and Seismic Performance Assessment of a Byzantine Basilica, by Zehra Çagnan Ertugrul.- Effect of damage on the dynamic characteristics of St. Nicholas Cathedral in Cyprus, by Renos A. Votsis, Nicholas Kyriakides, Elia A. Tantele, and Christis Z. Chrysostomou.- Dynamical characterization of typical Mexican colonial churches, by Fernando Pena and Julio Manzano.- Ongoing Research on Earthquake Behavior of Historical Minarets in Istanbul, by Eser Çakt , Carlos S. Oliveira, Jose V. Lemos, Özden Sayg l , Serkan Görk and Esra Zengin.- Recording and Rehabilitation Procedures for Historic Masonry Buildings, by Constantin E. Chalioris, Vassilios E. Tsioukas and Chris G. Karayannis.- Seismic performance based assessment of the Arsenal de Milly of the medieval city of Rhodes, by S. Cattari, A.Karatzetzou, S. Degli Abbati, D. Pitilakis, C. Negulescu, K. Gkoktsi.- Post-earthquake assessment of a masonry tower by on-site inspection and operational modal testing, by Antonella Saisi and Carmelo Gentile.- Assessment of the seismic vulnerability of a masonry bell tower by non-destructive experimental techniques, by Domenico Colapietro, Alessandra Fiore, Mariella De Fino, Adriana Netti, Fabio Fatiguso and Giuseppe C. Marano.- Parametric seismic assessment of a Non-symmetric stone masonry building with flexible floors, by F.V. Karantoni, I.C. Manalis.- Study of seismic response of traditional URM houses through analytical simulation - the historical core of the city of Xanthi, by M. L. Papadopoulos.- Non-linear Dynamic Finite Element Analysis of Adobe Masonry Structures with Various Roof Diaphragm Configurations, by Rogiros Illampas, Dimos C. Charmpis and Ioannis Ioannou.- Authors List.


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