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Nanophotonics, Carbon-Based Nanoelectromagnetics

Nanophotonics, Carbon-Based Nanoelectromagnetics - ISBN: 9780081023938
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Bindwijze: Boek, Paperback (01-02-2019)
Genre: Techniek
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Carbon-Based Nanoelectromagnetics provides a detailed insight into the electromagnetic interactions of carbon-based nanostructured materials, such as graphene and carbon nanotubes. Electromagnetics at the nanoscale level has become a major research area in recent years, as the synthesis of a variety of carbon-based nanostructures has progressed dramatically, opening the era of nanoelectronics and nanophotonics.

To meet the challenges of these new fields, a thorough knowledge is required of the peculiar properties of the electromagnetic field, driven by the exotic phenomena occurring at the nanoscale, as a consequence of the quantum nature of the electrodynamics. The novel behaviour of the electromagnetic fields interacting with nano-sized elements and nano-structured has motivated the birth of a new research discipline, Nanoelectromagnetics .

The chapters within this book offer a comprehensive overview of this discipline, starting from an introduction to the field-matter interaction, and continuing with the features of the nano-electromagnetic fields, and finally ending with applications in the microwave, THz and optical frequency ranges.

  • A one-stop resource that explores the emerging field of nanoelectromagnetics
  • Focuses on the modeling, simulation, analysis, design and characterization, with an emphasis on applications of nanoelectromagnetics
  • Explores the optical properties and applications of a range of carbon-based nanomaterials


Titel: Nanophotonics, Carbon-Based Nanoelectromagnetics
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Paperback
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 300
Uitgever: Elsevier Science
Publicatiedatum: 2019-02-01
NUR: Techniek
Afmetingen: 235 x 191
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780081023938
Intern nummer: 42763309

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Explores in depth the emerging discipline of nanoelectromagnetics and its applications


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