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Collision Phenomena In Liquids And Solids

Collision Phenomena In Liquids And Solids - Yarin, Alexander L.; Roisman, Ilia V.; Tropea, Cameron - ISBN: 9781107147904
Prijs: € 200,00
Levertijd: 3 tot 4 werkdagen
Bindwijze: Boek, Gebonden
Genre: Techniek
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A unique and in-depth discussion uncovering the unifying features of collision phenomena in liquids and solids, along with applications.


Titel: Collision Phenomena In Liquids And Solids
auteur: Yarin, Alexander L.; Roisman, Ilia V.; Tropea, Cameron
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Gebonden
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 626
Uitgever: Cambridge University Press
Plaats van publicatie: 03
NUR: Techniek
Afmetingen: 182 x 253 x 33
Gewicht: 1372 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9781107147904
Intern nummer: 37381351

Biografie (woord)

Cameron Tropea is Head of the Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics at Technische Universit�t, Darmstadt, Germany. He is a member of the Scientific Commission of the Council of Science and Humanities in Germany and has been Editor-in-Chief of Experiments in Fluids since 2002.


'The publication of the book Collision Phenomena in Liquids and Solids By Alexander L. Yarin, Ilia V. Roisman, and Cameron Tropea is timely and extremely welcome for researchers looking for a way of grasping the flood of information available. The authors are eminent researchers in this area, with many decades of experience between them in experimental, analytical and numerical investigations … Collision Phenomena in Liquids and Solids is an invaluable resource for researchers. The references listed provide an extensive survey of the literature and are a good starting point for anyone planning to study droplets, sprays, jets or splashing. There is no other comparable reference book available in this area that brings together such a wide range of information in a single volume in a clear, accessible fashion. This book is sure to be widely read and become a classic in the field.' Sanjeev Chandra, University of Toronto


1. Introduction; 2. Selected basic flows and forces; Part I. Collision of Liquid Jets and Drops with a Dry Solid Wall: 3. Jet impact onto a solid wall; 4. Drop impact onto a dry solid wall; 5. Drop impact onto dry surfaces with complex morphology; Part II. Drop Impacts onto Liquid Surfaces: 6. Drop impacts with liquid pools and layers; Part III. Spray Formation and Impact onto Surfaces: 7. Drop and spray diagnostics; 8. Atomization and spray formation; 9. Spray impact; Part IV. Collisions of Solid Bodies with Liquid: 10. Rigid body collision with liquid surface; 11. Particle impact onto wetted wall; Part V. Solid - Solid Collisions: 12. Particle and long bar impact onto a rigid wall; 13. Shaped-charge (Munroe) jets and projectile penetration; 14. Fragmentation.


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