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Software Tools for the Simulation of Electrical Systems

Theory and Practice

Software Tools for the Simulation of Electrical Systems - Maheswari, Uma Y.; Indragandhi, . V.; Kumar, Ashok L. - ISBN: 9780128194164
Prijs: € 120,90
Levertijd: 3 tot 4 werkdagen
Bindwijze: Boek, Paperback (13-08-2020)
Genre: Elektrotechniek
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Simulation of Software Tools for Electrical Systems: Theory and Practice offers engineers and students what they need to update their understanding of software tools for electric systems, along with guidance on a variety of tools on which to model electrical systems from device level to system level. The book uses MATLAB, PSIM, Pspice and PSCAD to discuss how to build simulation models of electrical systems that assist in the practice or implementation of simulation software tools in switches, circuits, controllers, instruments and automation system design.

In addition, the book covers power electronic switches and FACTS controller device simulation model building with the use of Labview and PLC for industrial automation, process control, monitoring and measurement in electrical systems and hybrid optimization software HOMER is presented for researchers in renewable energy systems.

  • Includes interactive content for numerical computation, visualization and programming for learning the software tools related to electrical sciences
  • Identifies complex and difficult topics illustrated by useable examples
  • Analyzes the simulation of electrical systems, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems using different software, including MATLAB, LABVIEW, MULTISIM, AUTOSIM and PSCAD


Titel: Software Tools for the Simulation of Electrical Systems
auteur: Maheswari, Uma Y.; Indragandhi, . V.; Kumar, Ashok L.
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Paperback
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 422
Uitgever: Elsevier Science
Publicatiedatum: 2020-08-13
NUR: Elektrotechniek
Afmetingen: 229 x 152
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780128194164
Intern nummer: 45019052

Biografie (woord)

Y.Uma Maheswari is a Product Manager at Pramura Software Pvt Ltd, Coimbatre
She completed a B.E in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Amrita Institute of Technology and received M.E in Embedded systems and Technologies from Anna University. Areas of Expertise: High speed PCB design, Post processing of PCB design, Process improvement, Cross functional analysis and is currently working in PCB design.

Extra informatie

Complete reference on software tools for electrical applications and exampled simulations of electrical, electronics and electrical instrumentation systems


1. MATLAB/ Simulink 2. PSIM 3. Pspice 4. Multisim 5. PCB design tool DesignSpark 6. PLC 7. Lab VIEW 8. PSCAD 9. PVSyst 10. Applications of Software Tools


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