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Electronics For Makers

Electronics For Makers - Ray, John - ISBN: 9780789753625
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Bindwijze: Boek, Paperback
Genre: Elektrotechniek
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Electronics for Makers takes a logical approach to bringing circuit design to budding Creators. Electrical components are introduced and used based on function. Readers learn how to look at a problem, select the right parts, and combine them into a functional circuit.


From breadboard circuit layout, soldering, circuit diagramming, and online circuit simulation, readers will gain all the tools they need to design, test, and build the next great invention. Chapters progress from foundation skills to hands-on projects, and advanced microprocessor controlled circuit systems.


Readers will be expected to have a basic knowledge of either OS X or Windows operating systems - such as starting applications, using text editors, and connecting peripherals. The application of Boolean logic - in both problem solving and basic programming - will be required, but previous experience is not necessary.


Upon completing the title, readers will be able design simple circuits that interact with a variety of readily available electrical components. Readers will also learn how to document and simulate circuits using readily-available platform-independent tools. Each new technology introduced will be reinforced with step-by-step examples that demonstrate how it can be applied in real-world scenarios.


Titel: Electronics For Makers
auteur: Ray, John
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Paperback
Taal: Engels
Druk: 1
Aantal pagina's: 464
Uitgever: Pearson Education (us)
NUR: Elektrotechniek
Afmetingen: 232 x 191
Gewicht: 1000 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780789753625
Intern nummer: 26750889


Introduction – from Builder to Creator

Part I. Foundation

1. Electricity Fundamentals

2. Programming with Power

3. The Building Blocks

4. Creating an Electronics Workspace


Part II. Practical Skills

5. Creating Simple Circuits

6. Taking Measurements

7. Breadboard Basics (proto board)

8. Soldering Success

9. Going Virtual with Circuit Simulation


Part III. Basic Circuits

10. Hands-on: Basic Input/Output – Switches, Resistance, and LEDs

11. Hands-on: Advanced Input – Sensors

12: Hands-on: Advanced Output – Motors/RGB LEDs/Sound

13. Hands-on: Logic Gates

14. Hands-on: Timers


Part IV. Advanced Microcontroller-powered Designs

15. Interfacing with Arduino

16. Arduino Programming Basics

17. Hands-on: Advanced Sensor Logic

18. Hands-on: Advanced Output

19. Hands-on: From Dumb to Smart Appliances


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