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Malware Forensic Field Guide For Unix Systems

Malware Forensic Field Guide For Unix Systems - Malin, Cameron - ISBN: 9781597494700
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Bindwijze: Boek
Genre: Computertechniek
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The Syngress Digital Forensic Field Guides series is a hand-held companion for any digital and computer forensic investigator and analyst. Each book is a tool with checklists for specific tasks, case studies of difficult situations, and expert analyst tips. Growth in technology has resulted in more technology crimes spurring the need for more computer forensics analysts and investigators. A Computer Forensics Analyst, recovers data from digital media that will be used in criminal prosecution. Digital media refers to all methods of electronic data storage and transfer devices including computers, laptops, PDAs and the images, spreadsheets and other types of files stored on these devices. Many forensics analysts work across a variety of platforms for different job.

*A condensed hand-held guide complete with on-the-job tasks and checklists

*Specific for UNIX-based systems where new malware is developed everday

*Authors are world-renowned leaders in investigating and analyzing malicious code


Titel: Malware Forensic Field Guide For Unix Systems
auteur: Malin, Cameron
Mediatype: Boek
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 616
Uitgever: Syngress Media,u.s.
Plaats van publicatie: 01
NUR: Computertechniek
Afmetingen: 228 x 152 x 22
Gewicht: 890 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9781597494700
Intern nummer: 12319994

Biografie (woord)

James M. Aquilina, Esq. is the Managing Director and Deputy General Counsel of Stroz Friedberg, LLC, a consulting and technical services firm specializing in computer forensics; cyber-crime response; private investigations; and the preservation, analysis and production of electronic data from single hard drives to complex corporate networks. As the head of the Los Angeles Office, Mr. Aquilina supervises and conducts digital forensics and cyber-crime investigations and oversees large digital evidence projects. Mr. Aquilina also consults on the technical and strategic aspects of anti-piracy, antispyware, and digital rights management (DRM) initiatives for the media and entertainment industries, providing strategic thinking, software assurance, testing of beta products, investigative assistance, and advice on whether the technical components of the initiatives implicate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and anti-spyware and consumer fraud legislation. His deep knowledge of botnets, distributed denial of service attacks, and other automated cyber-intrusions enables him to provide companies with advice to bolster their infrastructure protection.


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