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Lake Pavin

History, Geology, Biogeochemistry, And Sedimentology Of A Deep Meromictic Maar Lake

Lake Pavin - Sime-ngando, Telesphore (EDT)/ Boivin, Pierre (EDT)/ Chapron, Emmanuel (EDT)/ Jezequel, Didier (EDT)/ Meybeck, Michel (EDT) - ISBN: 9783319399607
Prijs: € 194,90
Levertijd: 4 tot 6 werkdagen
Bindwijze: Boek, Gebonden
Genre: Biomedische technologie
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This Book Represents The First Multidisciplinary Scientific Work On A Deep Volcanic Maar Lake In Comparison With Other Similar Temperate Lakes.


Titel: Lake Pavin
auteur: Sime-ngando, Telesphore (EDT)/ Boivin, Pierre (EDT)/ Chapron, Emmanuel (EDT)/ Jezequel, Didier (EDT)/ Meybeck, Michel (EDT)
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Gebonden
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 421
Uitgever: Springer International Publishing Ag
Plaats van publicatie: CH
NUR: Biomedische technologie
Afmetingen: 279 x 210
Gewicht: 1564 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9783319399607
Intern nummer: 33873453


PART I: LIMNOLOGY, HISTORY AND COMPARATIVE LEGENDS.- 1. Pavin, the birthplace of French limnology (1770-2012), and its degassing controversy (1986-2016) - 2. Pavin, a rich but fragmented history (200 AD - 2016).- 3. Dragons, fairies, miracles and worship at Pavin and other European maar-lakes.- PART II: ORIGIN, VOLCANOLOGY AND GEOLOGICAL ENVIRONMENT.- 4. Volcanism of the Monts Dore (French massif central).- 5. The origin of Lake Pavin: Two centuries of controversy.- 6. Characterization of phreatomagmatic deposits from the eruption of the Pavin maar (France).- 7. Magmatic evolution of Pavin's group of volcanoes: Petrology, Geochemistry and modeling of differentiation processes. A preliminary study.- 8. Distribution, tephrostratigraphy and chronostratigraphy of the widespread eruptive products of Pavin volcano.- 9. Geology, geomorphology and slope instability of the maar Lake Pavin (Auvergne, French Massif Central).- PART III: GEOCHEMISTRY AND BIOGEOCHEMICAL CYCLES.- 10. Lake Pavin mixing: New insights from high resolution continuous measurements.- 11. Carbon cycle in a meromictic crater lake: Lake Pavin, France.- 12. The iron wheel in Lac Pavin: interaction with phosphorus cycle.- PART IV: BIOLOGY AND MICROBIAL ECOLOGY.- 13. The significance of transparent exopolymeric particles (TEP) for microorganisms in Lake Pavin.- 14. Lake Pavin: a pioneer site for ecological studies of freshwater viruses.-15. Study of prokaryotes and viruses in aquatic ecosystems by metagenetic and metagenomic approaches.- 16. Anaerobic microbial communities and processes involved in the methane cycle in freshwater lakes: a focus on Lake Pavin.- 17. New insights into the microbial contribution to the chlorine cycle in aquatic ecosystems. - 18. The importance of phagotrophic protists in Lake Pavin.- 19. Diversity and biogeography of picoeukaryotes: new insights into the rare biosphere. - 20. Molecular diversity studies in Lake Pavin reveal the ecological importance of parasitic true fungi in the plankton. -21. History of the fish fauna of Lake Pavin: a population heavily influenced by Man?.- PART V: SEDIMENTOLOGY AND PALEOLIMNOLOGY.- 22. Lake Pavin sedimentary environments. - 23. Lake Pavin paleolimnology and event stratigraphy.


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