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Surface Electromyography

Physiology, Engineering And Applications

Surface Electromyography - Merletti, Roberto; Farina, Dario - ISBN: 9781118987025
Prijs: € 156,25
Levertijd: 3 tot 4 werkdagen
Bindwijze: Boek, Gebonden
Genre: (Bio)chemische techniek
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Reflects on developments in noninvasive electromyography, and includes advances and applications in signal detection, processing and interpretation

  • Addresses EMG imaging technology together with the issue of decomposition of surface EMG

  • Includes advanced single and multi–channel techniques for information extraction from surface EMG signals

  • Presents the analysis and information extraction of surface EMG at various scales, from motor units to the concept of muscle synergies. 


Titel: Surface Electromyography
auteur: Merletti, Roberto; Farina, Dario
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Gebonden
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 592
Uitgever: John Wiley & Sons Inc
Plaats van publicatie: 01
NUR: (Bio)chemische techniek
Afmetingen: 243 x 167 x 34
Gewicht: 1144 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9781118987025
Intern nummer: 30869943

Biografie (woord)

ROBERTO MERLETTI is Founding Director of the Laboratory for Engineering of the Neuromuscular System and Professor of Rehabilitation Engineering in the Department of Electronics, Politecnico di Torino, Italy. He has co–authored and authored books such as Atlas of Muscle Innervation Zones: Understanding Surface Electromyography and Its Applications (Springer, 2012), and Electromyography: Physiology, Engineering, and Noninvasive Applications (co–editor with P. Parker, Wiley–IEEE Press, 2004). 

DARIO FARINA is Professor and Founding Director of the Institute for Neurorehabilitation Systems at the University Medical Center Göttingen, Georg–August University, Göttingen, Germany. Prof. Farina was the lead editor for Introduction to Neural Engineering for Motor Rehabilitation (Wiley–IEEE Press, 2013).


1 Physiology of Muscle Activation and Force Generation 1
R. M. Enoka and J. Duchateau

2 Biophysics of the Generation of EMG Signals 30
D. Farina, D. F. Stegeman, and R. Merletti

3 Detection and Conditioning of Surface EMG Signals 54
R. Merletti, A. Botter, and U. Barone

4 Single–Channel Techniques for Information Extraction from the Surface EMG Signal 91
E. A. Clancy, F. Negro, and D. Farina

5 Techniques for Information Extraction from the Surface EMG Signal: High–Density Surface EMG 126
R. Merletti, T. M. Vieira, and D. Farina

6 Muscle Coordination, Motor Synergies, and Primitives from Surface EMG 158
Y. P. Ivanenko, A. D′avella, and F. Lacquaniti

7 Surface EMG Decomposition  180
A. Holobar, D. Farina, and D. Zazula

8 EMG Modeling and Simulation 210
M. M. Lowery

9 Electromyography–Driven Modeling for Simulating Subject–Specific Movement at the Neuromusculoskeletal Level 247
M. Sartori, D. G. Lloyd, T. F. Besier, J. W. Fernandez, and D. Farina

10 Muscle Force and Myoelectric Manifestations of Muscle Fatigue in Voluntary and Electrically Elicited Contractions 273
R. Merletti, B. Afsharipour, J. Dideriksen, and D. Farina

11 EMG of Electrically Stimulated Muscles 311
A. Botter and R. Merletti

12 Surface EMG Applications in Neurophysiology 333
S. Baudry, M. A. Minetto, and J. Duchateau

13 Surface EMG in Ergonomics and Occupational Medicine 361
M. Gazzoni, B. Afsharipour, and R.Merletti

14 Applications in Proctology and Obstetrics 392
R. Merletti

15 EMG and Posture in Its Narrowest Sense 408
T. M. Vieira, D. Farina, and I. D. Loram

16 Applications in Movement and Gait Analysis 440
A. Merlo and I. Campanini

17 Applications in Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy 460
D. Falla

18 Surface EMG Biofeedback 485
A. Gallina, M. Gazzoni, D. Falla, and R. Merletti

19 EMG in Exercise Physiology and Sports 501
A. Rainoldi, T. Moritani, and G. Boccia

20 Surface Electromyography for Man Machine Interfacing in Rehabilitation Technologies 540
D. Farina and M. Sartori

Index 561


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