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Creating Canadian English

The Professor, The Mountaineer, And A National Variety Of English

Creating Canadian English - Dollinger, Stefan (university Of British Columbia, Vancouver) - ISBN: 9781108497718
Prijs: € 94,50
Levertijd: 12 tot 15 werkdagen
Bindwijze: Boek, Gebonden
Genre: Taalkunde
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Traces the making of Canadian English, both as concept and global variety, throughout the twentieth century to the present.


Titel: Creating Canadian English
auteur: Dollinger, Stefan (university Of British Columbia, Vancouver)
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Gebonden
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 300
Uitgever: Cambridge University Press
NUR: Taalkunde
Afmetingen: 234 x 156 x 18
Gewicht: 610 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9781108497718
Intern nummer: 43875604

Biografie (woord)

Stefan Dollinger is associate professor at the University of British Columbia's Department of English, specializing on Canadian English and linguistic border studies. He is author of New-Dialect Formation in Canada (2008), The Written Questionnaire in Social Dialectology (2015) and, of particular interest for the present book, chief editor of the Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles (2017).


'Stefan Dollinger has undertaken heroic archival sleuthing to resuscitate the coalition of amateur logophiles and English professors that succeeded in bringing Canadian English into print and, more important, into our consciousness. Through him, this small, almost forgotten band of scholars come to life with their foibles, their labours and above all their dedication.' Jack Chambers, University of Toronto


1. What is Canadian English?; 2. The heritage of Canadian English; 3. Avis pulls it off; 4. The 'technology': slips, slips, and more slips; 5. 1967 – excitement and hype; 6. Riding the wave of success; 7. A global village and a national dictionary war; 8. Decolonizing DCHP-1 and DCHP-2; 9. Is there really a Canadian English?; Further reading.


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