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Unidos Classroom Manual + Quick Guide To Spanish Grammar + My SpanishLab Access Code

An Interactive Approach

Unidos Classroom Manual + Quick Guide To Spanish Grammar + My SpanishLab Access Code - Guzmán, Elizabeth E./ Lapuerta, Paloma/ Liskin-Gasparro, Judith E./ Mediatheque Publishing Services (COR)/ Hemmer, Bob (EDT) - ISBN: 9780134117959
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Bindwijze: Boek, Paperback (02-05-2015)
Genre: Spaanse taal, letterkunde en cultuur
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Incorporating the


Titel: Unidos Classroom Manual + Quick Guide To Spanish Grammar + My SpanishLab Access Code
auteur: Guzmán, Elizabeth E./ Lapuerta, Paloma/ Liskin-Gasparro, Judith E./ Mediatheque Publishing Services (COR)/ Hemmer, Bob (EDT)
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Paperback
Taal: Spaans
Druk: 2
Uitgever: Pearson College Div
Publicatiedatum: 02-05-2015
NUR: Spaanse taal, letterkunde en cultuur
Afmetingen: 279 x 228 x 19
Gewicht: 839 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780134117959
Intern nummer: 29698757

Biografie (woord)

Elizabeth E. Guzmán is the Director of the Elementary and Intermediate Spanish Language Program at the University of Iowa. Previously, she served as Language Coordinator at St. John’s University/College of St. Benedict, Director of the Spanish Program at Yale University, and Coordinator and Co-Director of the Elementary and Intermediate Language Program at The University of Michigan. In her native Chile, she supervised instructors of English as a Foreign Language. Ms. Guzmán received her B.A in English from Universidad de Santiago (Chile) and her M.A. in English as a Second Language from West Virginia University, and then pursued doctoral studies at the University of Pittsburgh. She is a co-author of Identidades and several earlier editions of Mosaicos.


Paloma Lapuerta holds the title ofProfessor of Spanish at Central Connecticut State University, where she teaches courses in Spanish language, culture, and literature. She has over twenty years of teaching experience at higher institutions around the world, including Spain, Switzerland, South Africa, and the United States, where she has taught at the University of Michigan, Dartmouth College, and the Middlebury College Spanish School. She completed her Licenciatura in Spanish Philology at the University of Salamanca, and she holds a Ph.D. in Spanish literature from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. She has published numerous articles and a book on Spanish culture and literature. She is a co-author of Identidades, La escritura paso a paso, and earlier editions of Mosaicos.


Judith E. Liskin-Gasparro is a professor of Spanish at the University of Iowa, where she teaches courses in second language acquisition, pedagogy, and Spanish language. She is the co-director of FLARE (Foreign Language Acquisition Research and Education), which offers an interdisciplinary doctoral program in Second Language Acquisition, and she was formerly the Director of the Elementary and Intermediate Spanish Language Program. Previously, she taught at Middlebury College and worked as a test development consultant at Educational Testing Service. She received her A.B. in Spanish from Bryn Mawr College, her M.A. from Princeton University and her Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin in Foreign Language Education. She has published articles and books on language learning and teaching and has led many workshops for language teachers. She is a co-author of Identidades and editor of the Theory and Practice in Second Language Classroom Instruction series.


 About the Unidos Approach to Achieving Communicative Goals

“I like the idea of individualized online learning and assessment and freeing time for more communication activities so students can ‘use’ the language more and not just ‘talk’ about it… The student is given ample activities to practice vocabulary, grammar, and learn about the Hispanic culture.” Luis Latoja, Columbus State Community College


Unidos is a truly comprehensive program that best integrates the technology supported online practices with in-class communicative and theme-based activities with culture-rich content to develop students’ abilities to communicate in the target language.” An Chung Cheng, University of Toledo


 About the Individualized Tools to Manage Differing Proficiency Levels

“The benefits are tremendous. It caters to all learning styles. No student would be left out. Students will be able to take advantage in their learning through this approach.” Frances Alpren, Vanderbilt University


“The interactive nature of the exercises makes the learning experience outside the classroom more individualized, more interesting, and, therefore, more effective.” Lea Ramsdell, Towson University


About the Focus on Achieving Consistent Learning Outcomes

“This is a GREAT part of the chapter. It isn’t in the margin. It isn’t an aside. It is front and center, and clearly stated: Here is what you’ll be doing and this is how you will know if you ‘got it’”. Elizabeth Calvera, Virginia Tech University


“I like that there is a distinction between objectives, which are what a student will “learn” with his or her brain as they memorize vocabulary and grammar points, but the outcomes describe the meaningful contexts in which the student can actually ‘acquire‘ the ability to communicate without thinking through the various grammar points and vocabulary.” Janie McNutt, Texas Tech University


Brief Contents


Capítulo preliminar    Bienvenidos a Unidos

Capítulo 1                  ¿Qué estudias?                 

Capítulo 2                  ¿Quiénes son tus amigos?   

Capítulo 3                  ¿Qué hacen para divertirse?

Capítulo 4                  ¿Cómo es tu familia?          

Capítulo 5                  ¿Dónde vives?                   

Capítulo 6                  ¿Qué te gusta comprar?      

Capítulo 7                  ¿Cuál es tu deporte favorito?        

Capítulo 8                  ¿Cuáles son tus tradiciones?

Capítulo 9                  ¿Dónde trabajas?               

Capítulo 10                ¿Cuál es tu comida preferida?        

Capítulo 11                ¿Cómo es tu salud?            

Capítulo 12                Buen viaje                        


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