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Thought And Choice In Chess

Thought And Choice In Chess - Groot, Adriaan D. de - ISBN: 9789053569986
Prijs: € 74,87
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Bindwijze: Boek
Genre: Studies & Problemen
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What does a chess master think about while he is contemplating his next move? How is his thinking organized, what methods, his strategies does he emply to solve the problem? How does he decide and how profoundly has he envisaged the possible consequences of his move? Why do masters come up with the good move that lesser players overlook? In order to answer these questions back in 1938, the author undertook an experimental study in which distinguished chess masters such as Alekhine, Euwe, Keres, Fine, Flohr, among others, served as his subjects. The book has proven to be of fundamental interest to modern students of human thinking, decision making and artificial intelligence - not to mention chess players of all ranks, who may be curious about how the grandmasters think.
Adriaan D. de Groot (1914-2006) studied mathematics and later psychology, in which he received a Ph.D. in 1946 from the University of Amsterdam. He started his career as a secondary school mathematics teacher, but soon shifted to psychology. In 1950, he became a professor at the University of Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Academic Archive is an initiative of Amsterdam University Press. The series consists of scholarly titles which are no longer available, but which are still in demand in the Netherlands and abroad. Relevant sections of these publications can also be found in the repository of Amsterdam University Press:


Titel: Thought And Choice In Chess
auteur: Groot, Adriaan D. de
Mediatype: Boek
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 484
Uitgever: Amsterdam University Press
NUR: Studies & Problemen
Afmetingen: 159 x 235 x 28
Gewicht: 800 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9789053569986
Intern nummer: 8032149

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Amsterdam Academic Archive Thought and Choice in Chess


Wat denkt een schaakmeester als hij zijn volgende zet voorbereid? Hoe is zijn denken georganiseerd? Welke methoden en strategieën hanteert hij bij het oplossen van zijn keuzeprobleem? Om deze vragen te beantwoorden, deed Adriaan D. de Groot in 1938 een experimentele studie, waar vooraanstaande schaakmeesters zoals Alekhine, Euwe en Flohr, het studi


Preface[-] - 8[-]Preface to the second edition[-] - 12[-]List of tables[-] - 14[-]Contents[-] - 16[-]Ch. I: Statement of the problem[-] - 20[-]Ch. II: Psychological theories of thinking[-] - 52[-]Ch. III: Method and experimental design[-] - 96[-]Ch. IV: The external structure of the thought process[-] - 118[-]Ch. V: Main and Subproblems[-] - 150[-]Ch. VI: The development of the problem[-] - 201[-]Ch. VII: The organization and methodology of the thought process[-] - 273[-]Ch. VIII: Chess talent[-] - 335[-]Ch. IX: Epilogue 1963[-] - 390[-]Appendix 1[-] - 426[-]Appendix 2[-] - 428[-]Bibliography[-] - 460[-]Index of Subjects[-] - 466[-]Index of Names[-] - 479


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