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Kassel 1947

Kassel 1947 - Gillam, A. J. - ISBN: 9781901034653
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Bindwijze: Boek, Geniet
Genre: Partijverzamelingen
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The opening of the international chess tournament organised by the Kasseler Zeitung took place on sunday afternoon. For the sponsors, Herbert M. Nuhr extended a welcome to the participants. Mr. Nuhr said: ''I am honoured to welcome you on behalf of our newspaper that saw daylight only months ago. We are happy that you, grandmasters & masters, have come to us to give this events a special importence. I am particularly happy that we have side by side, our German players and also former world champion (candidate) Bogoljubow together with the men from Lithuania and Estonia, who have such a good reputation. The direction of the tournament is ready to standby in any case. Now I wish you good luck in the royal game but 'game' does not give the correct significance to the most elevating sport of all time. let the kings, pieces and pawns fight until checkmate and the audience will take great pleasure in it. Everywhere in the world, chess is played and world affairs are nothing more than a big chess clash in which one side tries to checkmate the other, even though with the best will, it does not always work like that, not even in our ideal democratic system. On our chess boards we will fight, a struggle between chess & science, a fair struggle beteen minds''.
Chess master Heinrich replied on behalf of the participants and pointed out that an international tournament like this was almost a once-in-a-lifetime event. After the drawing of lots, engineer Riedel, archtect of the tournament, explained the rules in his function as arbiter. Duration of play: 4 hours and the adjourned games to be played off the next morning. Yesterday, sunday afternoon, began what we believe to be the strongest post-war tournament in Germany. Participants in order of the drawing of lots: Tröger, Niephaus, Endzelins, Nonnenmacher, Schmidt, Bogoljubow, Heinrich, Unzicker, Bohatyrchuk, Taitvaisas. At 16.00 hours, many enthusiastic onlookers watched the first round in the Ballhaus. Chess supporters from Kassel enjoyed having the masters here as the tournament will be a great stimulus for chess life in Kassel.
The first results included some surprising victories - Schmidt beat Bogoljubow, Niephaus beat Bohatyrchuk and Nonnenmacher beat Heinrich. The games Tröger vs Tautvaisas and Endzelins vs Unzicker were adjourned. Round 2 will be played in the Ballhaus at 15.30 today. The programme is in the playing hall and in our advertising section. Entrance is free.
My thanks go to Siegfried Schoenle of Kassel who supplied nearly all the material in this book. The programme, which is reproduced on pages 2 - 8 was printed in blue (the background) and orange and black (the wording). Page 8 has not been included here as it consists merely of the blue background with no wording. It is a rare survivor and I am delighted that he found it. There were many tournaments held in Germany on the period 1946-49. They were often organised by the allied occupiers and they provided activities for the players from the displaced persons camps, as well as the locals. Many of these tournaments have not been published. - Tony Gillam, september 2008 -


Titel: Kassel 1947
auteur: Gillam, A. J.
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Geniet
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 36
Uitgever: The Chess Player
NUR: Partijverzamelingen
ISBN/ISBN13: 9781901034653
Intern nummer: 11406945


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