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The English: Move by Move

The English: Move by Move - Giddins, S. - ISBN: 9781857446999
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Bindwijze: Boek (12-06-2012)
Genre: Openingen
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This series provides an ideal platform to study chess openings. By continually challenging the reader to answer probing questions throughout the book, the Move by Move format greatly encourages the learning and practising of vital skills just as much as the traditional assimilation of opening knowledge. Carefully selected questions and answers are designed to keep you actively involved and allow you to monitor your progress as you learn. This is an excellent way to study any chess opening and at the same time improve your general chess skills and knowledge.

The English Opening is a popular choice, from club level all the way through to world champions. Its flexibility allows players to choose from a number of different set-ups – positional or aggressive, classical or hypermodern. It also appeals to those who prefer learning opening ideas to memorizing reams of theory. In this book, Steve Giddins invites you to join him in studying the English and its many variations. He examines instructive games, covers the most important lines and provides answers to all the key questions.

@ Essential guidance and training in the English Opening
@ Utilizes an ideal approach to chess study
@ Discusses move orders and repertoire options

About the author: Steve Giddins is a FIDE master and a former editor ofbritish Chess Magazine. He's the author of several outstanding books and is well known for his clarity and no-nonsense advice.


Titel: The English: Move by Move
auteur: Giddins, S.
Mediatype: Boek
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 272
Uitgever: Everyman Chess
Publicatiedatum: 2012-06-12
NUR: Openingen
Afmetingen: 379 x 264 x 28
Gewicht: 550 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9781857446999
Intern nummer: 22390077


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