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Less Than A Moment

Less Than A Moment - Havill, F., Steven - ISBN: 9781492699095
Prijs: € 15,35
Levertijd: 3 tot 4 werkdagen
Bindwijze: Boek, Paperback
Genre: Detective
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A Posadas County Sheriffs Department Dispatcher Sticks A Post-it Note On An Incident Report. What He Meant To Write Was, Not For News, Hoping That The Newspaper Reporter Who Drops Into The Sheriffs Office Each Morning Would Ignore The Report. But What He Unintentionally Wrote Was, Note For News, And So The Arrest Of Quentin Torrez, Nephew Of Posadas Sheriff Robert Torrez, Goes Public. And Quentin, Who Has Applied For A Job With The Nightzone Excursion Narrow Gauge Railroad, Loses Any Chance At Employment. Shortly Thereafter, A Night-time Drive-by Shooting Riddles The Front Of The Newspaper Office--and Despite The Late Hour, Two Of The


Titel: Less Than A Moment
auteur: Havill, F., Steven
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Paperback
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 272
Uitgever: Melia Publishing Services Ltd
Plaats van publicatie: 01
NUR: Detective
Afmetingen: 216 x 139 x 23
Gewicht: 328 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9781492699095
Intern nummer: 44819252


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