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Property In The Body

Feminist Perspectives

Property In The Body - Dickenson, Donna (birkbeck College, University Of London) - ISBN: 9781316613740
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Bindwijze: Boek
Genre: Recht
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Commodification of the human body is gaining ground, strengthened by powerful interests. This book helps us understand and regulate it.


Titel: Property In The Body
auteur: Dickenson, Donna (birkbeck College, University Of London)
Mediatype: Boek
Taal: Engels
Druk: 2
Aantal pagina's: 222
Uitgever: Cambridge University Press
Plaats van publicatie: 03
NUR: Recht
Afmetingen: 153 x 227 x 14
Gewicht: 326 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9781316613740
Intern nummer: 38324175
Volume: 1

Biografie (woord)

Donna Dickenson is Emeritus Professor of Medical Ethics and Humanities at Birkbeck College, University of London. In 2006, she became the first woman to receive the International Spinoza Lens Award for her contribution on public debate in ethics.


Advance praise: 'With her customary perspicacity and analytic rigour, Dickenson interrogates the innumerable ways that women's bodies are made profitable by and for the commercial life sciences. She combines an enormous depth of knowledge about the intricacies of property law with an impressive breadth of familiarity with the most current developments in fertility treatments, stem cell research, genomics and tissue banking. She makes us think about the biomedical commons, and ways we might pursue a common good approach to biomedical research.' Catherine Waldby, Australian National University


1. Do we all have feminised bodies now?; 2. Commodification, contract and labour; 3. The lady vanishes: eggs for reproduction and research; 4. Surrogacy: can babies be property?; 5. Umbilical cord blood: seizing surplus value; 6. Biobanks and databases: our bodies, but not ourselves; 7. The gender politics of genetic patenting; 8. Reclaiming the biomedical commons.


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