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Judicial Independence In China

Lessons For Global Rule Of Law Promotion

Judicial Independence In China - ISBN: 9780521190268
Prijs: € 77,50
Levertijd: 8 tot 12 werkdagen
Bindwijze: Boek, Gebonden
Genre: Criminologie
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This volume challenges conventional wisdom about judicial independence in China and its relationship to economic growth, rule of law, human rights protection, and democracy.


Titel: Judicial Independence In China
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Gebonden
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 272
Uitgever: Cambridge University Press
Plaats van publicatie: 01
NUR: Criminologie
Afmetingen: 234 x 160 x 22
Gewicht: 564 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780521190268
Intern nummer: 11926790

Biografie (woord)

Randall Peerenboom, formerly a professor at UCLA Law School and director of the Oxford Foundation for Law, Justice and Society Rule of Law in China Programme, is currently an Associate Fellow of the Oxford University Centre for Socio-Legal Studies and a law professor at La Trobe University. He has been a consultant to the Asian Development Bank, Ford Foundation, EU-China, UNDP, and other international organizations on legal reforms and rule of law in China and Asia, and he is the co-editor of The Hague Journal of Rule of Law. He is also a CIETAC arbitrator and frequently serves as expert witness on PRC legal issues. Recent books include China Modernizes: Threat to the West or Model for the Rest? (2007), Regulation in Asia (2009), Human Rights in Asia (2006), Asian Discourses of Rule of Law (2004), and China’s Long March Toward Rule of Law (2002).


'… a valuable addition to the very limited scholarship … Peerenboom largely succeeds in his objectives … represents a starting point in understanding the role of judges and courts …' The Cambridge Law Journal


1. Introduction Randall Peerenboom; 2. Half-way home and a long way to go: China's rule of law evolution and the global road to judicial independence, impartiality and integrity Keith Henderson; 3. A new approach for promoting judicial integrity Antoine Garapon; 4. The party and the courts Suli Zhu; 5. Common myths and unfounded assumptions: challenges and prospects for judicial independence in China Randall Peerenboom; 6. A new analytical framework for understanding and promoting judicial independence in China Fu Yulin and Randall Peerenboom; 7. Judicial independence and the company law in Shanghai courts Nicholas C. Howson; 8. Independence and authority of local courts in Shaanxi and Gansu provinces Stéphanie Balme; 9. The judiciary pushes back: law, power and politics in Chinese courts Xin He; 10. Corruption in China's courts Ling Li; 11. A survey of commercial litigation in Shanghai courts Minxin Pei, Guoyan Zhang, Fei Pei and Lixin Chen; 12. Judicial independence in authoritarian regimes: lessons from continental Europe Carlo Guarnieri; 13. Judicial independence in east Asia: lessons for China Tom Ginsburg.


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