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Dyslexia In The Workplace

An Introductory Guide

Dyslexia In The Workplace - Bartlett, Diana; Moody, Sylvia; Kindersley, Katherine - ISBN: 9780470683743
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Bindwijze: Boek
Genre: Organisatiepsychologie
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Dyslexia In The Workplace Is A Jargon-free Introductory Book For Dyslexic Employees, Members Of The Organizations Who Employ Them, And The Many Professionals Concerned With Helping Them (including Psychologists, Tutors, Trainers And Counsellors).


Titel: Dyslexia In The Workplace
auteur: Bartlett, Diana; Moody, Sylvia; Kindersley, Katherine
Mediatype: Boek
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 328
Uitgever: John Wiley & Sons Inc
Plaats van publicatie: 03
NUR: Organisatiepsychologie
Afmetingen: 229 x 153 x 24
Gewicht: 502 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780470683743
Intern nummer: 15383788

Biografie (woord)

Diana Bartlett is a psychologist specialising in dyslexia, memory, social skills training, language and learning. She works as a one–to–one trainer and adviser for dyslexic adults in the workplace and in higher education.

Sylvia Moody is a clinical psychologist specialising in the assessment of dyslexic adults. She has written award–winning books on dyslexia for teenagers, students and employed adults.


"Dyslexia in the workplace is a detailed and comprehensive guide with 5 helpful Appendices. This guide is equally useful for employers, dyslexia professionals and dyslexia workers." (Dyslexia Contact, 3 September 2011)

"A good book and one I would like to keep on the shelf and will certainly wish to refer to again." (Dyslexia Review, 1 July 2011)

"This is a well written and thoughtfully structed book, and one which deserves a wide readership." (RoSPA Occupational Safety & Health Journal, 1 February 2011)

"This book is a must–read for all professionals who work with dyslexic employees as well as to dyslexic employees themselves. I strongly recommend it." (PATOSS Bulletin, Summer 2011)

"Dyslexia in the Workplace is a very useful guide. Whereas it can be read from cover to cover, the format also allows the reader to dip in and find the parts they want to refer to. It is very clearly set out and its accessibility and explanatory approach make it a reassuring read as well as an enlightening one. Each chapter ends with further reading in the companion volumes for those who wish to find out more." (Dyslexia Review, Summer 2011)



Author Biographies.



Part A Identifying Dyslexia (Sylvia Moody).

Chapter 1 Dyslexia in the Workplace.

Chapter 2 Understanding a Diagnostic Report.

Chapter 3 Judgement Day: Tom Goes for an Assessment.

Chapter 4 Workplace Needs Assessments.

Chapter 5 Dyspraxia and Attention Deficit Disorder.

Chapter 6 Visual Factors in Reading Difficulties.

Chapter 7 Emotions.

Part B Tackling Dyslexia (Diana Bartlett).

Chapter 8 Getting Started.

Chapter 9 Overall Work Strategies.

Chapter 10 General Work Organisation.

Chapter 11 Efficient Work Methods.

Chapter 12 General Writing Skills.

Chapter 13 Some Specific Work Documents.

Chapter 14 Reading and Remembering Work Documents.

Chapter 15 General Oral Skills and Interaction.

Chapter 16 Dealing with Negative Attitudes and Emotions.

Part C Managing Dyslexia (Katherine Kindersley).

Chapter 17 From College to Workplace.

Chapter 18 Working with Dyslexia.

Chapter 19 Reasonable Adjustments.

Part D Judging Dyslexia.

Chapter 20 Dyslexia: An Employment Lawyer Speaks (Katherine Kindersley).

Chapter 21 Dyslexia in the Dock (Sylvia Moody).


Appendix 1 Checklists for Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, AD(H)D and Visual Stress.

Appendix 2 Assistive Technology.

Appendix 3 Relaxation and Visualisation Exercises (Diana Bartlett).

Appendix 4 Useful Addresses.

Appendix 5 Further Reading.



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