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Life-span Development

Life-span Development - Santrock, John W. - ISBN: 9781259095030
Prijs: € 69,85
Levertijd: 12 tot 15 werkdagen
Bindwijze: Boek
Genre: Ontwikkelingspsychologie
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Informed and driven by research. At McGraw-Hill, we have spent thousands of hours with you and your students, working to understand the key needs and concerns you face in Human Development courses. The most common topics raised include managing the vast amount of content inherent to a Lifespan course and ensuring the dependability of the assigned material—is it current and accurate? The result of this research is John Santrock’s LifeSpan Development.

LifeSpan Development ensures students complete and understand the assigned material in a number of ways: Santrock’s hallmark Learning Goals pedagogy provides a comprehensive roadmap to the text material, clearly pointing out the core concepts fundamental to students’ learning and performance. An adaptive study tool increases students’ efficiency in studying by identifying what they know, and more importantly what they don’t know, providing immediate remediation for the areas in which they are struggling. At the same time, instructors have access to powerful visual reports allowing them to quickly see where students’ strengths and weaknesses lie. Connect Lifespan takes your instruction and your students’ learning experience to the next level without requiring hours of setup and personalized instruction by you.

The 14th edition continues with the connections theme to help students better understand the concepts among the different aspects of life-span development. This recurring theme of connections—Developmental Connections, Topical Connections, Connecting Development to Life, Connecting with Careers, and Connections through Research—ties together concepts from across chapters to reinforce the learning process and connects the material to students’ everyday lives and future aspirations. Our Milestones of Development video series helps bring the course material to life, allowing students to witness development as it unfolds. And of course, all of the text material is informed by LifeSpan Development’s unique board of expert consultants—a who’s who of developmental psychology—who make sure the material is as accurate and up-to-date as possible.


Titel: Life-span Development
auteur: Santrock, John W.
Mediatype: Boek
Taal: Engels
Druk: 15
Aantal pagina's: 768
Uitgever: McGraw-Hill Education
NUR: Ontwikkelingspsychologie
Afmetingen: 274 x 227 x 25
Gewicht: 1452 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9781259095030
Intern nummer: 25036349

Biografie (woord)

John W. Santrock received his Ph.D. from the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota. He taught at the University of Charleston and the University of Georgia before joining the faculty at the University of Texas at Dallas. He has worked as a school psychologist and currently teaches developmental psychology and educational psychology at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and introductory psychology at the undergraduate level. Dr. Santrock's research on father custody is widely cited and used in expert witness testimony to promote flexibility and alternative considerations in custody disputes. His research has included publication in the Journal of Educational Psychology that focus on the contextual aspects of affectively-toned cognition and children's self-regulatory behavior as well as teachers' perceptions of children from divorced families. He recently was a member of the editorial board of Developmental Psychology and his publications include these exceptional McGraw-Hill texts: CHILD DEVELOPMENT, Eighth Edition; LIFE-SPAN DEVELOPMENT, Seventh Edition; CHILDREN, Sixth Edition; PSYCHOLOGY, Sixth Edition; and EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY.



Section One - The Life-Span Developmental Perspective

Chapter 1. Introduction
Appendix Careers in Life-Span Development

Section Two - Beginning

Chapter 2. Biological Beginnings
Chapter 3. Prenatal Development and Birth

Section Three - Infancy

Chapter 4. Physical Development in Infancy
Chapter 5. Cognitive Development in Infancy
Chapter 6. Socioemotional Development in Infancy

Section Four - Early Childhood

Chapter 7. Physical and Cognitive Development in Early Childhood
Chapter 8. Socioemotional Development in Early Childhood

Section Five - Middle and Late Childhood

Chapter 9. Physical and Cognitive Development in Middle and Late Childhood
Chapter 10. Socioemotional Development in Middle and Late Childhood

Section Six - Adolescence

Chapter 11. Physical and Cognitive Development in Adolescence
Chapter 12. Socioemotional Development in Adolescence

Section Seven - Early Adulthood

Chapter 13. Physical and Cognitive Development in Early Adulthood
Chapter 14. Socioemotional Development in Early Adulthood

Section Eight - Middle Adulthood

Chapter 15. Physical and Cognitive Development in Middle Adulthood
Chapter 16. Socioemotional Development in Middle Adulthood

Section Nine - Late Adulthood

Chapter 17. Physical Development in Late Adulthood
Chapter 18. Cognitive Development in Late Adulthood
Chapter 19. Socioemotional Development in Late Adulthood

Section Ten - Endings

Chapter 20. Death, Dying and Grieving


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