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Cambridge Handbooks In Psychology

Cambridge Handbooks In Psychology - Rosa, Alberto (EDT)/ Valsiner, Jaan (EDT) - ISBN: 9781316610282
Prijs: € 60,70
Levertijd: 3 tot 4 werkdagen
Bindwijze: Boek
Genre: Psychologie
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Explains how human actions, mediated with cultural artefacts within social practices, produce meaningful personal experiences and shape behaviour.


Titel: Cambridge Handbooks In Psychology
auteur: Rosa, Alberto (EDT)/ Valsiner, Jaan (EDT)
Mediatype: Boek
Taal: Engels
Druk: 2
Aantal pagina's: 690
Uitgever: Cambridge University Press
Plaats van publicatie: 03
NUR: Psychologie
Afmetingen: 178 x 247 x 34
Gewicht: 1372 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9781316610282
Intern nummer: 40381839
Volume: 1


Advance praise: 'This second edition is a suggestive fresco on how sociocultural psychology, being an idiographic and nomethetic science, is capable of relating new findings from neighbouring disciplines, and how it can provide an effective and original answer to the problem of big data.' Andrea Smorti, University of Florence


Editors' introduction: sociocultural psychology on the move; Part I. Theoretical and Methodological Issues: 1. The human psyche lives in semiospheres; 2. Psychology as the science of sensemaking: A semiotic-cultural framework for psychology; 3. Knowledge and experience: interobjectivity, subjectivity and social relations; 4. Against 'mediationism': both cognitive and sociocultural; 5. Sociocultural psychology and interpersonal psychoanalysis: the semiotic space in the consulting room; Part II. Action, Objects, Artefacts and Meaning: 6. Spirited psyche makes up artefacts. Semiotic dynamics of experience in the shaping of objects, agency and intentional worlds; 7. Making social objects: the theory of social representation; 8. Beyond the distinction between tool and sign: objects and artifacts in human activity; 9. The sociocultural study of creative action; 10. Symbolic resources and imagination in the dynamics of life; Part III. The Agent Rises a Reflective Self: Education and Development: 11. Early infancy: a moving world. Embodied experience and the emergence of thinking; 12. Object Pragmatics: Culture and communication, the bases for early cognitive development; 13. Distinguishing two processes of self-reflection Alex Gillespie; 14. Making memory: meaning in development of the autobiographical self; 15. Mapping dialogic pedagogy: instrumental and non-instrumental education; 16. Development and education as crossing socio-cultural boundaries; Part IV. Institutional Artefacts for Value: 17. Ownership and exchange in children. Implications for social and moral development; 18. Possessions and money beyond market economy; Part V. Aesthetic and Religious Experiences: 19. The sociocultural constitution of aesthetic transcendence; 20. Sociocultural science of religion and natural belief; 21. Psyche and Religio face to face: religion, psychology and modern, subjectivity in the mirror; Part VI. Practices and Artefacts for Imagining Identity: 22. Imaginative processes and the making of collective realities in national allegories; 23. National identities in the making and alternative pathways for history education; 24. The politics of representing the past: symbolic spaces of positioning and irony; 25. Beyond historical guilt: intergenerational narratives of violence and reconciliation; 26. Psytizenship: sociocultural mediations in the historical shapings of the Western citizen; Part VII. Experiences Make the Person: 27. The human experience: a dialogical account of self and feelings; 28. Knowing ourselves: dances of social guidance, imagination and development by overcoming ambivalence; 29. Personal history and historical selfhood – the embodied and pre-reflective dimension; 30. The development of a person – children's experience within the cultural life course; 31. The construction of the person in the interethnic situation: dialogues with indigenous university students; 32. Social identities, gender and self: cultural canalization in imagery societies; 33. The experience of ageing: views from within and without; General conclusions; An epistemological coda: sociocultural psychology among the sciences.


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