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The Member States Of The European Union - Bulmer, Simon (EDT)/ Lequesne, Christian (EDT) - ISBN: 9780199252817
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The Member States Of The European Union

Bulmer, Simon (EDT)/ Lequesne, Christian (EDT)

(Engels , Paperback, 14-07-2005)

Levertijd: onbekend
Prijs: € 46,55
Genre: Internationale Betrekkingen
This book is comprehensive and rounded thematic study of the EU-member states. Fourth volume in the highly-regarded 'New EU' series, its aim is to help readers understand the interaction between the member states and central EU institutions. Lees verder
Territory, Authority, Rights - Sassen, Saskia - ISBN: 9780691095387
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Territory, Authority, Rights

From Medieval to Global Assemblages

Sassen, Saskia

(Engels , Gebonden, 08-05-2006)

Levertijd: 8 tot 12 werkdagen
Prijs: € 62,95
Genre: Overig
Argues That Even While Globalization Is Best Understood As 'denationalization', It Continues To Be Shaped, Channelled, And Enabled By Institutions And Networks Originally Developed With Nations In Mind, Such As The Rule Of Law And Respect For Private Authority. Lees verder
What Is Globalization? - Beck, Ulrich - ISBN: 9780745621265
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What Is Globalization?

Beck, Ulrich

(Engels )

Levertijd: 12 tot 15 werkdagen
Prijs: € 23,05
Genre: Internationale Betrekkingen
This Work Offers An Engaging And Challenging Introduction To The Globalization Debate. The Author Aims To Clarify The Ambiguities Of The Debate, To Distinguish Between The Various Types Of Globalization And To Warn The Reader Of Conceptual Traps. Lees verder
Who Paid The Piper? - Saunders, Frances Stonor - ISBN: 9781862073272
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Who Paid The Piper?

The Cia And The Cultural Cold War

Saunders, Frances Stonor

(Engels )

Levertijd: 3 tot 4 werkdagen
Prijs: € 16,65
Genre: Internationale Betrekkingen
In the West during the Cold War, freedom of expression was vaunted as liberal democracy's most cherised possession. This text documents a secret campaign in which some of the most vocal exponents of intellectual freedom were instruments - whether they knew it or not - of America's secret service. Lees verder
Rights Of Man - Paine, Thomas - ISBN: 9780140390155
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Rights Of Man

Paine, Thomas

(Engels )

Levertijd: 5 tot 6 werkdagen
Prijs: € 10,55
Genre: Geschiedenis
One of the great classics on democracy, Rights of Man was published in England in 1791 as a vindication of the French Revolution and a critique of the British system of government. In direct, forceful prose, Paine defends popular rights, national independence, revolutionary war, and economic growth ... Lees verder
For The President's Eyes Only - Andrew, Christopher - ISBN: 9780060921781
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For The President's Eyes Only

Secret Intelligence and the American Presidency from Washington to Bush

Andrew, Christopher

(Engels , Paperback, 01-04-1996)

Levertijd: 5 tot 15 werkdagen
Prijs: € 24,95
Genre: Geschiedenis
Examines how American presidents used secret intelligence Lees verder
Strategy Of Conflict - Schelling, Thomas C. - ISBN: 9780674840317
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Strategy Of Conflict

With A New Preface By The Author

Schelling, Thomas C.

(Engels )

Levertijd: 8 tot 12 werkdagen
Prijs: € 32,95
Genre: Politiek
Analyzes the nature of international disagreements and conflict resolution in terms of game theory and non-zero-sum games. Lees verder
Inequality And Prosperity - Pontusson, Jonas - ISBN: 9780801489709
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Inequality And Prosperity

Social Europe Vs. Liberal America

Pontusson, Jonas

(Engels )

Levertijd: 12 tot 15 werkdagen
Prijs: € 24,30
Genre: Overig
What Are The Relative Merits Of The American And European Socioeconomic Systems? Long-standing Debates Have Heated Up In Recent Years With The Expansion Of The European Union And Increasingly Sharp Political And Cultural Differences Between The United... Lees verder
De kern van de politiek - C. van der Eijk - ISBN: 9789055891283
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De kern van de politiek

C. van der Eijk

(Nederlands, Paperback, 06-06-2019)

Beschikbaar: Printing on demand
Prijs: € 15,50 (onder voorbehoud)
Genre: Overig
Politiek handelen gebeurt op allerlei niveau's. Op nationaal niveau bij regeringen en parlementen, tussen burgers en partijen, over beleid en de uitkomsten daarvan. Maar politiek handelen bestaat ook in bedrijven, in kerken, in verenigingen en clubs. Politiek handelen gebeurt overal waar voor groepe... Lees verder
Origins Of Terrorism - Reich, - ISBN: 9780943875897
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Origins Of Terrorism

Psychologies, Ideologies, Theologies, States Of Mind


(Engels )

Levertijd: 3 tot 4 werkdagen
Prijs: € 19,85
Genre: Filosofie
Offers a study of the beliefs, goals, and other factors that cause groups and individuals to resort to violence to gain their political objectives. Lees verder